Praxis Cellars Mixed White (6)

Praxis Cellars Mixed White 6-Pack
$79.99 $̶1̶3̶7̶.̶0̶0̶ 42% off List Price
3 2012 Praxis Gewürztraminer, Russian River Valley, Sonoma County
3 2012 Praxis Viognier, Sonoma County
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Interested but curios how the TA and PH are identical on both wines.

Thanks for asking - there’s no particular reason - it’s just how they ended up at harvest, but in order to make the dry wines we like, we try to respect the acidity

I’m not hating, but giving my experience from Praxis Cellars wines. My second woot was a mixed varietal by Praxis Cellars. The Viognier was ok, I enjoyed it but nothing bringing me to buy again(sorry no notes taken). The rest of the reds that came with it were just plain awful. This was before I found out that you could give back your wines to woot. These could be a better vintage, though I’m gunna have to say it’s a pass for me.

Welcome back Praxis. I enjoy working with Susan the owner. she brings wines that are solid, honest and worthy of the price offered.

Thanks so much, David! Happy to be Wooting again…any one have a question about our 2012 Praxis whites? We are loving them with grilled seafood, chicken, sausages and summer salads (corn, tomatoes, grains, etc.) Dinner tonight is Bill’s homemade pork sausage on the grill with lentil salad, greens and a cold Gewurz!

Thanks for being here, Susan. I’m not sure why it’s so dead around here, but we always appreciate winery participation. I have no questions as I am not allowed to buy a single bottle. However, I did want to thank you for jumping in. :slight_smile:

No worries - post weekend! Thanks for your kind words. I love these two whites. We poured at Lake Tahoe all weekend and they were very popular. Uncommon white varietals and not always known for being clean and dry as ours are…

Got the earlier mixed red/white woot, gee, over two years ago. I was horrible at taking notes then, not much better now, but if I disliked something I ~would~ leave myself a note.

Consumed the 2010 Vio along with some Kaleidoscope on the 4th, 2011. Notes only that they both were good for the days activities.

Thanks for coming back Susan.
Wish I could add more…

We love wooters - thanks for your comments! I hope you really enjoy these wines!