Praxis Cellars Sonoma County Viognier (6)

Praxis Cellars Sonoma County Viognier 6-Pack
$79.99 $138.00 42% off List Price
2013 Praxis Viognier, Sonoma County
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1/7/15 (2012)

Viognier is nearly an auto-buy for me in its own right, but one from the maker of Arbios? Definitely in for one. Maybe two…

I remember that mixed 4-pack from over four years ago as well, and still right at ~$13/bt.
Viognier in that offer too, mixed with Pinot Noir, Merlot & Lagrein.
And ~pages~ of discussions and Rat notes. I miss those.
Vio was tasty (no notes) and I even still have a bottle. Guess I should pull a cork.

Don’t need six, but could split.

Thank you! That is lovely to hear; I will tell Bill. Hope you enjoy it!

Good morning! Happy to answer any questions and hoping to hear from some folks who tasted this or the last vintage of our Praxis Viognier.

Can’t echo this sentiment more strongly. I am so much more inclined to purchase a wine with rat reports than one that has none for a wine I have no experience with. I signed up for the rattage program years ago and despite being a loyal wine woot customer for years have never been graced with a bottle to taste.

I know that sounded kind of whiny (no pun intended) but if not me someone else. For the cost of a few bottles I am sure sales would increase greatly if everyone just had more information. This is the only Woot site I still really frequent so anything to improve it would make me happy.

Back to discussion about this wine.

Big fan of the Arbios crew. enjoyed this wine, well crafted. a very good value.

If you’re ordering I’ll take 2-3 bottles.

OK, here’s a question: we have comments from the prior offer on the 2010 Vigonier. How would you compare/contrast the 2013 of the current offer?

Our wines tend to be very similar year over year as we are a very small operation. We get our grapes from the same area and Bill (my husband) is the only one involved in making our wine. Our Viognier is always done in a dry, clean style. The grape clones we choose are not overly perfumy and the wine does not see any oak so it stays very crisp. There are subtle variations in flavors year to year, but the style is very similar.

My wife seems be enjoying lighter whites these days but I like heavier whites so this might be a good pick up for a split.


Is anyone in the St. Louis area interested in splitting an order?

Edit: I like Viogner, I just don’t have the room for all of them.

I love Viognier, especially the big chewy ones with lots of character. This isn’t one of those wines, but I still love it. It’s clean and crisp and light. I think of it in a functional way as similar to the Rousseau Old Vines Colombard from about a year ago, though I’ve never presented them side by side for comparison. I do, however, intend to work at keeping both on hand.


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