Praxis Dry Gewürztraminer (4)



Truly - it is DRY! Anyone tried a bottle? I love this wine, but I am married to the winemaker…


Why yes, as a matter of fact I’m sitting here with a glass of this open right now!

I’ve had a mixed set of experiences with Gewurtz from the RRV, as some of them have a grassy/leathery sort of aftertaste that I don’t care for.

PnP at fridge temperature. Nose is pineapple and lychee - excellent start. Lots of citrus as well. Perfectly dry, acidic, and balanced. The finish is short/medium. I’m liking this wine.


Having a glass with Klez and Ron. Really nice floral nose, light pineapple hints of salt and for me a bit of a bitter finish. That being said it is not bad but i’m just not a big Gewurztraminer fan. Good price tho.


Not a lot of Gewurtz in the cellar, or consumed, so I don’t have a lot to compare to. For comparison, the '08 PWW and '10 Harvest Moon were both tasty and great QPR.

Nice floral nose, lychee as mentioned, along with some spice and citrus. Nice clean crisp entry and mid. Overall, quite light, no oiliness and completely dry, with none of the bitterness I sometimes detect and dislike on the finish.
At $19 on the website, and $12.50/btl delivered, plus tax here; good value and good juice.


Thanks for the tasting notes. We love to have Rats sample the wines.