Praxis Merlot and Lagrein (4)

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Ooops. Fixed.

Any questions? Or reviews from someone who’s had a bottle?

Just had my first taste of the Merlot. It’s juicy and fruity - lots of cherry. Overall this is a nice daily drinker sort of wine for me. That winery tasting notes are actually a pretty good representation in my books. It’s a little riper than my preference (I’d prefer a little more heft, tannin, and less ripe flavours), but it’s well balanced and a great wine to just absent mindedly drink a whole bottle during the evening.

Not generally a fan of winemakers’ notes, but these are pretty darn accurate.
Definitely a fruit forward, but not excessively so. Good balance with acidity and tannins, but on the softer side, even for a Merlot. Cedar/oak well integrated and tannins only slightly drying. Absolutely nothing offensive and would be well received at most any non-baller gathering.

Just finished tasting the Merlot, cherry, tart cherry on the finish also some drying tannins on the tart finish. Balanced acid.

Nice work guys!

Drinking the Lagrein now…I like it. It’s not particularly distinctive, but it is rather yummy. Nose is muted. Palate is red fruit, nice tannin, oak and vanilla on the finish. It’s a little more oaky than I’d prefer, but it’s another nice easy drinking wine. Not as easy as the Merlot, but it’s got more complexity and interest to me. I like this more than the Merlot.

WD sends bottles, and we report!
That’s how it works! :slight_smile:

Just tasted the Lagrein, good fruit balanced tannin and acid. Started a bit tart for me but as the wine opened all the sharp edges disappeared showing smooth fruit and nice body.

Thanks for the notes on the wines!