Pre-Lit Trees & Wreaths - Your Choice

Anyone have these trees/wreaths? How do they compare to others? Are they full or scraggly? How close to “real” do they look and feel?

Any links to these same items on other sites? I think the skinny 7.5’ tree is on Amazon here.

Can we get the brand of the 9ft tree to see better pictures to determine life like qualities of tree?

Brand is Santa’s Workshop.

Thanks for brand information. Can you confirm that’s it’s not a slim tree.

We are offering a 7.5 foot slim tree, as well as a 7.5 foot regular tree.

How about the 9ft? Is that a slim or regular?

Save your money, we bought the slim 7.5’ tree and it is no where near as full as the picture shows.

It is a complete disappointment and I doubt that woot will return our money due to “buyers remorse”.

I wish I could attach a picture to show you this sad excuse for a tree. Happy Holidays!

It’s regular, with a base of 54 inches.