Pre-Seasoned 14-Inch Cast Iron Wok

Pre-Seasoned 14-Inch Cast Iron Wok

I feel compelled to point out the picture of the 4 different pans “sitting” on the countertop is some of the worst Photoshop work I’ve seen in a long time. Jesus.

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We actually used MS Paint.

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Any chance some real pictures can be added?
Is it a flat-bottom on the inside or curved throughout?
It looks like it has a flat or possibly a ring/bead cast into the bottom on the outside. From the angle of the existing shots, it’s impossible to tell the shape. The size of the ring is important too. I’d like to know if it’ll work on my stove.

ok so as i looked into this , I was intrigued by a cast iron wok. Then i read all the one star reviws of the lodge cast iron. Lodge is flat bottom , i think this is a bead, like stated above, but reading the comments brought up good points. Wok in cast iron is real heavy. Handles got hot as you heat up the wok , so watch out!! , and people complain of rust. All cast will rust if you scrape the seasoning off or try and clean them with a steel pad or soap, gotta reseason each time you scratch it up. woks are made for lots of movement of food, maybe use wood tools here. last , when liquid added for sauces the time needed to make up heat loss is greater than a light weight pan. I PASS

China crap… Lodge or GTFO :grin:

Yes, that’s what happens when a deal comes together late on the day that the part-time photo studio person takes a well-deserved day off. I actually put this together myself. I ain’t no photoshop wizard.


Update: An our photographer made it all better.


Hi there. It’s flat bottomed.


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Interesting, looks like a different casting from the pictures I found.
Those pictures are, unfortunately, inconsistent (even with themselves).

What does the inside look like? Is it curved or flat on the inside in the bottom?