Precision Trainer Heart Rate Monitor with Speed and Distance


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Precision Trainer Heart Rate Monitor with Speed and Distance [New] - $24.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Sports Beat Pro-Form Precision Trainer Speed and Distance with Chest Strap

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is it my eyes, or does that strap resemble the figure of a duck?


Anyone else see a turkey?


these are uncomfortable if you sweat a lot.


Now that I’ve seen it, I can’t unsee it.


Ehh…Probably going to need one of these for after thanksgiving dinner!


I can vouch for this working pretty well. I’m a little skeptical about the heart-rate read out at times, as it seems to jump around a lot, but that may be interference. I’ve used it for runs, as well as plyometrics and other high impact stuff. Stays on well and remains pretty comfortable.


Just to save some time on this question. This unit is waterproof.


How waterproof is this really? I know the watch is up to 30 meters, but if I’m using it outdoors in the cold rain (I hate the weather where I live btw) on a regular basis, can I expect it to hold up, or fail?

edit: let me clarify since I got a simulpost - I understand this is water resistant but how much can it hold up to? for this price, it doesn’t seem like it could take much of a beating without succumbing to a combination of cold and wet.


I got one if these a while back. It works pretty well. Just a hint: it will keep better contact with a little Vaseline.


If this is the same one:

Then it’s 94 bucks at Amazon. Not sure if this one’s Reebok, though.


Nevermind, says Pro-form on it.


Is the strap supposed to look like the outline of a duck?


Better picture:


Nice. I wooted the older version of this, without the distance feature. Great buy. It’s really nice being able to see my HR readout on the exercise bike at the gym without having to grasp the handle bars–leaves my hands free to read a book. And, nope, I’ve never had a problem with it syncing with the Polar HR equipment at my gym. It does all the syncing automagically, without any intervention on my part.

If I weren’t out of work, I’d probably get another one.


Most things are uncomfortable if you sweat a lot…


Can you still use this if your torso is not the shape of a turkey?


i dunno about you guys but i saw a rocking horse


It’s nice to see a product that is compatible with 3 out of 4 main characters from Wizard of Oz.


Isn’t everything uncomfortable if you sweat a lot?