Precision Trainer Heart Rate Monitor with Speed and Distance Woot Info Post - oh the humanity!

Precision Trainer Heart Rate Monitor with Speed and Distance [New] - $24.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Sports Beat Pro-Form Precision Trainer Speed and Distance with Chest Strap

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This must be to help us with those New Year’s resolutions of getting in shape.

How does it measure speed and distance? This unit cannot have a GPS chip in it at this pricepoint.

here’s a previous woot

$35.99 lowest price on google shopping.

Bought one last time it came up. Cheaply made, confusing to set up originally, and clearly made in China. If you’re in the market I say go for it though due to the price.

Is this woot-off certified? I would like to actually know my heart-rate while:

  1. Trying, yet again, to get my first bag.
  2. Become infuriated with Ken Shun knives… for $600.
  3. Yell in delight for the following items: not limited to, bacon salt, woot monkeys, woot lights, obscure usb things, breathalyzers, and so forth.

Can I get a green “!” of approval here?

I bought two of these the last time they were up - only they were branded by Reebok.

Over all a great little heart monitor. The sensor works with every machine I’ve come across at the gym (a lot of Precor) which means it’ll give you a reading without having to grasp the sensors or wear the watch.

The watch is pretty good - definitely built to get sweaty. I haven’t really used a lot of the features, but it does have chimes for target rates and stuff like that.

No this is for all those people who bought the bacon salt from Sell Out Woot yesterday.

Actually, I was the first to post this evening woot. Ah well…

On another note, the signal sender on these things work remarkably well. Our apartment complex has a treadmill in the exercise room that doubles for the watch when it has been misplaced.

A similar model, same brand, came with my stationary bike and it is surprisingly convenient. The elastic is very stretchy and even the medium can probably fit someone who is fairly large.

If you sweat a lot on distance runs these become quite uncomfortable to wear. You’re better off in that case to count your pulse on your wrist or neck for fifteen seconds and multiply times four.

Half manual. Hahahaha

So how long will it continuously monitor without intervention? I want to monitor my heart rate overnight.

LOL at chest strap :).

I like the Ferris Bueller reference.

“Works with all Polar compatible exercise equipment.”

In my opinion this is the most important feature. My treadmill can monitor speed and distance just fine, LOL!

I believe that the chest strap has a pedometer type device in it and you set the watch to reflect what your average step/stride length is. It is fairly accurate provided that you are honest about how large your step is, (i.e. if you tell the thing you take 20 feet in a single step, you’ll “walk a mile” in no time.)

I bought one of these during the last woot-off. The heart monitor never worked with the watch so I sent it back.

They call me saying “yeah it’s working right now”, then I tell them to test it again while they’re over the phone with me and of course it doesn’t work.

They send me a brand new one - completely untested.

It has the exact same problem and I’m sending it back this weekend.

Your mileage may vary but be on the lookout.