Precision Trainer Heart Rate Monitor with Speed and Distance


If this is the same as the Reebok branded one, I’ve got it and like it, but I only use it to track heart rate. (I’m sure it’s got other functions, but when I’m working out I’m not going to take the time to mess with it.)

Since it only works for running and walking I’m guessing it has an accelerometer.

I wouldn’t recommend it. You have make the chest strap fairly secure/tight which really isn’t a bother when you are walking, hiking, or jogging. But you definetely are glad to have the thing off at the end of the work out.

(I’d still get it though. My wife and I didn’t get ours from woot, but it is a good buy compared to purchasing it from other places like a sports stores or your local Target.)

You would be better off with a bodybugg. It doesn’t monitor heart rate, but it will tell you how many calories you’re burning, which indicates how well you are sleeping. They actually have a model that monitors your sleep cycle.

Oh yeah, and readings fluctuate wildly until I start to sweat. A small dab of aloe gel on the back of the monitor before I put it on solves that problem. (And gives me a nicely conditioned spot of skin…)

Also, watch out for power lines and other folks wearing HRMs. I don’t think this thing is coded to prevent cross-talk with a neighbor’s HRM.

With Urban Myer’s heart problems he should be in for 3. :slight_smile:

My wife looked over my shoulder and said the way it was laid out, it made it look like a big cookie cutter, with a timer

Cameron was great in the Star Trek movie too!

Judging by the pic, it also doubles as a duck-shaped cookie cutter.

I like it when that happens. I get double the workout with no extra effort.

The description says it is coded.

YMMV indeed.

I bought 2 Reebok branded and 2 Pro-Form branded. Of the two Rbks, one doesn’t work (swapped batteries around just to make sure), and the other works intermittently, so it is my backup for when I forget the Pro-Form.

I liked the concept and wanted a consistent measurement, so when the Pro-Form branded ones hit (at $20 apiece), I bought 2 more. One of those worked, and the other is still in the box.

As for Roostalee’s comment on cross talk – it is loads of fun to watch the look on the people on the elliptical next to me when my heart rate gets into their machine. Heh-heh-heh.

I don’t know if I’d fork over the extra $5 for the alleged distance measurement. If you want to count steps, be prepared to cough up a couple hunge to get the Bodybugg.’


I bought the first version (without the distance meter) and it’s worked great. When this one came up last time I ordered it for the distance calculator. The basic way this works is, you time yourself running/walking a set distance over a set time. It then basically calculates how far you’ve gone based on your entries and time ran/walked (based on when you start/stop the timer). I definately wouldn’t get this if you’re looking for a distance tracker as I don’t see how it accounts for slowing down or rest periods. It’s still a great buy for a heart rate monitor though.

I have been using the reebok version about a year and it has exceeded my expectations. Very reliable for the price. Picking up another so I can keep one watch on my bike and one in my gym bag.

My school has two class sets of these for kids to use during gym. You get a grade on how long you keep your heart rate up during a class period, so I’ve had a lot of experience with them. They don’t work unless there is soem moisture between your skin and the sensor, so we use hand sanitizer, water from the drinking fountain, or sweat once you get going. The mediums are both adjustable and quite stretchy, and mediums fit me (and my barrel-chest) quite well. If you’re really skinny, then they may actually work better when worn backwards, with the device reading your heartbeat through your back. They can be fooled by repetitive tapping on the sensor.

I tossed it onto a table after using it. It fell maybe… 3 inches, wristband popped off and I can’t seem to fix it. Cheaply made! Otherwise it worked great.

Bought one last time around. The chest strap didn’t work so I did a battery swap. Then it worked for about a minute after I was sufficiently sweaty (per recommendation from a previous woot thread). I called the customer service number that came with the monitor and the guy ran me through a short checklist of things I had already tried.

Then he told me to send it in and they’d send me a new one. He said, “Yeah, that’s what we do with the Pro-Forms.” Kinda seemed like it was pretty common. So, I’m waiting to get my brand new monitor!

As much of a pain as the whole process has been, the company handled it really well- assuming I get a new, working product. :slight_smile:

With any heart-rate-monitoring chest strap, it’s best to start by dabbing a little bit of water on the sensors before putting it on in order to improve the connection and get a more stable reading. I’m sure aloe gel or other conductive gel will help achieve the same effect, but might build up residue over time . . .

I bought two of these last time they were offered. I don’t see any sensors on the chest strap, anywhere - just the hard plastic backing. Also, as a woman, it is difficult to position it “directly below the pectoral muscle”, as suggested. Any suggestions?