shirtwoot! Ministry of Misinformation continues the ‘too cute to kill you*’ propaganda push.

*from far away

Ooops, laser slipped. Look away children!

Oh so THAT’s why the Predators are so dangerous - they kill you with cute!!!

Aww, they can chase the lasers… but can they dodge the bullets? Me-OWWWWWW.

Been a long time since I bought a shirt, kittehs bring me back into the game! AWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Ahaha, this is super adorable. Predator + kittens = Yay! :smiley:

Thanks for reminding me yet again that this is another movies series I need to watch now that I’m old enough.

Do younger predators have green or blue lasers? Youngsters have more energy, higher energy wavelength of light, get it? Awww, nevermind.

When in doubt add kittens to design for maximum cuteness.

So, it is a cute version of an old picture that’s been floating around forever?

Here’s just one example of it:

It is cute and all, but really? I’d wish there was something more original instead of just copying someone’s idea.

Anna-Maria sent us this design on 4/29, and it was contracted on 4/30. I don’t much about the other image, but it looks like it might have been published on 5/28 or so?

EDIT: I’ll also add that it looks like this one was posted on Anna-Maria’s facebook page on 4/29, the same day it was submitted to us.


But that tri-laser isn’t a damaging laser. It’s just a targeting reticule.

Hi, I am the artist!
I have never seen the other pic before. I made my art in April 2013 (see fb post on my fanpage). Maybe they copied me, ever considered that?
I don’t steal ideas. I just don’t. I actually hate that.


Ah, thanks Travis :smiley:
Guess they copied me (or the universe gave us the same idea around the same time with the exact same composition+number of cats etc :wink:

Your design is more accurate, anyhow. The targeting laser has never come out of the gun, always the corner of the mask.

Little known fact is that the Predator race got its fearsome reputation by pointing lasers at their hapless targets, which then would get ripped apart by terrible giant space cats, trained from kittens by the warriors. The existence of such cats has always been kept a strict secret. The only thing left for the poor artist who unwittingly or by design exposed this secret is buy lots of mirrors to deflect the red dots and confuse the space cats.

I tried my best with my research ;-D

The lasers are supposed to come from a shoulder mounted gun.

If you google “Predator laser” you will see that it doesn’t :wink: