Premier Protein Shakes Pumpkin Spice

Premier Protein Shakes Pumpkin Spice

Not a deal…a 12pk of all the other flavors is 23.99 regular priced…lol!

Pumpkin Spice is a limited time flavor which means smaller run and more expensive.

A 24 pack was $72.99 at Walmart.

A 4 pack was $18.49 at Target.

This is $27 all day long at Costco. How do I know? I’ve bought them for years.

Ok, so maybe not pumpkin spice, but meh.

The biggest change (horrible) I’ve seen in them is the addition of that darn high oleic oil. They used to be better, but now they suck, IMHO.

The average 4 pk is $8. This would be 6 four pks. So, $1 off a weird flavor? :thinking: I can find better deals or just go to Walmart and Target and get an assortment of normal flavors.