Premium 4" Glow Sticks-25 pk

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Anyone know what the shelf life of these is? In other words, will they work if I don’t use them for a year, two years, five years? Thanks!

I have opened a chemlight and activated it as much as 6 years after getting them and they light up fine. As long as the chemical is sealed and the glass tube isn’t broken, these last years with no issues.

You can also store them in your refrigerator or freezer to have them last longer.

Bought these last year for Halloween. They were fine, but smaller than I was expecting.

Vendor says: The shelf life for glow sticks or glow products is 1 year.


I bought these 1 to 2 years ago and they still work I tried one last week. They only last 8 or so hours. But they are great to keep in emergency kit. in my opinion they are well worth the cash.

So um… these were shipped in an envelope type thing… I will say the glow sticks work as half of the glow sticks were activated during shipping and arrived in a brightly glowing package on my doorstep! lol. I don’t think that was thought through all the way guys…

Oh jeez. Did you reach out to CS?

I just got mine today in a Tyvek bag. None of them work. :frowning: It looks like they were all activated and then faded.

Oh man, bummer! Please send your order info to, if you haven’t yet. CS can help you out.

Same deal here,three bags and none of them work. Looks like they were all activated during shipping or before. I did contact CS yesterday