Premium 4K Ultra HD & Curved Smart TVs

4K is not really 4K unless it’s actually 4K. UHDTV is 3820 pixels wide. Still, $649.99 for a 50" UHDTV is pretty good. I may have to change my gaming setup. :wink:

Can anyone confirm if these refurbs are worth the time & money? These in particular, not necessarily other refurbs from past sales. If I recall, this same sale took place last week. Did anyone order then?

Are these factory refurbished/reconditioned, or are from a 3rd party company?

JMO, of course, but consider checking out something like AVS Forums for any model you consider. In the case of Samsung HU7X00 models some gamers have had issues getting full rez.

Check out my review of the 60" model Vizio P series 4K TV. 50" may be a bit small to take advantage of 4K resolution, but it is an awesome TV and a terrific value.

I play PS4 games on my 60" Vizio P Series 4K TV, it looks amazing. GTA V, The Last of Us, and Infamous all look great.

Question for Woot! staff: Does the Samsung 60in 4k 3d (UN60HU8500F) come with 3d glasses? The specs make no mention of it.

It comes with 4 pair of 3D glasses. We’ve updated “In the box”:

In the box:

Samsung UN60HU8500 60" 4K Ultra HD 3D LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi
Stand with Hardware Screws
Remote Control
Power Cord
(4) Pairs of 3D Glasses

I own the 78" version of the Samsung curved TV. It has an amazing picture, but given the choice again, I’d avoid spending the extra money to get the curve. While it helps with some reflections and debatably improves the viewing angle, I don’t think it’s worth the price difference between it and the flat version.

I love you, Woot. This makes me reconsider: "So whether **your **watching HD, Full HD, or Ultra HD - "

PLEASE make it "you**'re**

I got a refurb 60 inch viZio from Walmart for about 200 less than regular price. You’d never tell that it was a refurb.

But I did get I from Walmart just in cause something was wrong…much easier to return than via woot.