Premium 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs

Hi , I was looking at CNET for reviews on the Samsung and couldn’t find any. They do have reviews of the 8550 model. Is there a possibility that the model #is incorrect?
What year was this model released?
Thanks, Bob

The 50" looks like an insanely good deal. Am I missing something?

I’ve got the same “too good to be true” feeling myself. Waiting for someone to come in here with a horror story.

30 bucks more for new at that big warehouse membership store. Oh, free shipping and extra one year added warranty plus 90 day return.

My horror story might be paying this price.

I was feeling suspicious as well, and did a bit of poking around to find this.

Vizio P502ui-B1 vs P502ui-B1E Key Difference
The key difference between Vizio P502ui-B1 and P502ui-B1E is coming from the refresh rate. Vizio P502ui-B1 comes with 240Hz refresh rate and Clear Action 960, while Vizio P502ui-B1E comes with 120Hz refresh rate and Clear Action 480. With Clear Action 960 from 240Hz refresh rate, you can enjoy smoother fast action images on Vizio P502ui-B1 compared what you can get with Vizio P502ui-B1E with Clear Action 480 (120Hz refresh rate). Other than that difference, Vizio P502ui-B1 and Vizio P502ui-B1E are almost identical TVs without any difference.

In the other side, Vizio P502ui-B1E is generally priced a little lower compared to Vizio P502ui-B1. So when you have more limited budget for your 50-inch smart 4K UHD TV, then you can consider to choose Vizio P502ui-B1E. Although It’s less smooth in delivering fast action images, but It still can deliver good 4K UHD picture quality as well as running Smart TV platform with Vizio Internet Apps Plus without any problems.

I’m tempted on the Samsung as it’s DirecTv ready. But there is very limited 4K content available even from them. I have seen the 50 Vizio on display at Walmart they have some 4K content streaming to it. Stunning picture.
I’d Have to see how it does with 1080 hd. No one is broadcasting anything in 4K

the samsung is a decent tv. good picture quality and smart features. the scaler (most important part of a 4k tv right now) is good on the samsung. the 8500 series is costco exclusive model of the 8550 (sold everywhere else)

as for the Vizio… do what you like, but their scalers are garbage. Also their refresh rates are not what they list but are “effective” refresh, or more heavily motion interpolated… so a more heavy soap opera effect.

source… I sell these for a living

There is actual quite a bit of streamed 4k or at very least scalable 1080 content that is close to 4k. None the less more and more is coming your way thru Netflix, Amazon etc. I actually have this set and contrary to what was mentioned there was a software upgrade that took place recently which enhances the scalability. The picture quality is unbelievable even over time warners 720 and 1080. I boutght mine for 759.00 at Costco , 5 year no questions asked warrentees and support for 60.00 total.

Almost every television purchased today has refresh rates that are enhanced or multiplied. They all have different names for the technology. The set I have is 960, (4x 240) with a quad core processors. I’m am very pleased with the TV, according to TV my born on date for the set was NOV 2014.

It’s great buy at the right price

The Samsung and the Vizio both list the same type of refresh rate (using backlight manipulation to simulate a higher refresh rate).

Samsung calls it Clear Motion Rate, Vizio calls it Clear Action Rate. Samsung claims 1200, Vizio claims 960. Both are fake. Don’t claim that the Samsung is any different.

I heard the scaler issue had gotten a bit better with firmware update(s) on the P series. As for the effective refresh, the 50" B1E is obviously going to have a worse native refresh at only 60hz. I think everything north of the 50" is 120hz though right? They also don’t just get to the effective rate with frame interpolation but also with strobing backlights both of which are controlled independently to determine the desired amount of anti-blur. Since 50" 4k will not show any appreciable difference from 1080p beyond a few feet, the only reasons to consider this over a cheaper M series is as a computer monitor or more importantly, and something no other 4K tv can deliver at this price point is full array local dimming. So beyond 4k, there are some reasons to consider this tv however my local Walmart has been selling this new forever for $689.

And for anyone who has a gamer in their life, the lag has proven to be top shelf by most accounts.

I’ve been THIS close to buying one of these the past few times it has been offered. But, instead, I bought a P502UI-B1 at Costco for $40 more than the refurb P502UI-B1E. It has the better image processing engine (compared to the P502UI-B1E). Best of all, if you’re going to buy the SquareTrade coverage, know that it costs more and lasts for less time for refurbs. At Costco, the cost difference in the coverage was almost the same as the price difference between the actual TVs. So, I got a better TV (new and better model) for the same money. Oh, and by the way, the TV is SPECTACULAR. No regrets at all. Replaced a 40" Toshiba 1080p, which was a damn fine TV. But this is just another level. The 4K streaming from Netflix is stunning, and even the upscaled 1080p video has a more comfy feel to it. Very nice.

Just a reminder for anyone considering a Samsung smart tv…

They’ve allegedly “fixed” the issue, but I wouldn’t allow the TV online if I were to buy one.

Are these factory refurbs or 3rd party?

Thats the same model I have, bought from costco, which is considerable different than this one and the walmart variety.Picture, sound and 5 4k hdmi ports is really nice.

Costco has brand new for $40 more. Just got it there and love it!