Premium Lightly Salted California Pistachios

Aw nuts - not wine…

The Sunkist Pistachios were better

These are freaking delicious. If you have not gotten these before, you should definitely give it a shot.

nuts… another non-wine woot-off

They were $1 more and the exact same nuts. :slight_smile:

F5’ing for more wine on payday and nuts!

I bought these on a previous woot-off and they were delicious. I had to hide them from my wife and kids.

Bought these during a woot off last September and DID NOT SHARE. :tongue:

I bought these before from the regular Woot site during a Woot-off. They are fresh as they are drop shipped from the Pistachio company in California.

Pricewise, they become a deal if you purchase two or three sets from Woot. If you purchase just one set, when you factor in shipping cost, they come out to more than the $5/lb. I can pay for same brand in my local Publix supermarket.

Pistachios are addictive, as nobody can eat just one.

i’ve gotten them both, there is a difference

These are KOSHER!!! I have seen them in the store and they have a Hekture on them. Hooray!

Good to know.

I just happen to have some of these at my desk at work right now. They are indeed delicious, however, my local Kroger has 10 oz bags for $2.99 a piece ($3 / 10 oz = 30 cent/oz).

The deal here is $23 for 64 ounces, which comes out to 36 cents/oz.

That said, if you don’t have these available to you, they are still worth the price. They are absurdly delicious!

+1. My F5 key will be broken by the end of the day.

Damn, I reloaded expecting to see wine and instead I got two great big sacks of nuts in my face! Damn you WW! I need Cabernet not nuts!

Keep telling yourself that.

For the rest of you: they’re the same nuts from the same (Paramount Farms) grower. No fancy burlap bags though…

Edit: And darned tasty, price competitiveness info posted by others above…

I totally saw this at Randalls the other day for $5 each. Same brand and everthing

Safeway had 1lb bags of this brand on sale for $4 a couple of weeks ago, $3 with a coupon. $4.75/lb (pre-shipping)? No thanks.