Premium Lightly Salted California Pistachios



I bought some of these a while back and they were stale. You can get the same brand for less overall at Sam’s Club.


Lots of repeat so far…luckily. I can’t afford to have good stuff pop up!


I’ve gotten these every time they’ve popped up on WOOT! Amazing deal and the best tasting pistachios I’ve ever had.


They are delicious, but $15 for a 4lb bag at Sam’s in NC.


agreed with commenter above. delicious, but $15 at sam’s club in the philly suburbs too.


Pistachios are addictive! Have you ever known anyone who can eat just one Pistachio?

Woot has these dropped shipped direct from the producer, so they are fresh as possible.

You may be able to find a slightly better price at a local outlet for a 1 lb bag, but if you order at least two of these deals the price when shipping is factored in, is just about right.


I can get the same size package, in fact the same brand for about 8$ to 9$ each at my local supermarket. Whatever happened to the great deal you had with the giant bags Woot???


me too. ive bought woot-off nuts like 3 or 4 times. last batch was stale as hell.

also keep in mind: these are not “lightly salted” or “regular salted” these are “TOTALLY FUCKING SALTED.” I had to wash em off and re-toast em.


The deal is for 2 bags, for a total of 4 lbs. But I agree that these are often available for about the same price in retail stores.

I do love good pistachios, but I once tried this brand (I think a 10-12oz bag from a supermarket), and I found them too salty. I don’t know if that is common with these or if I just got a salty batch. I’ve had other brands that I felt had better pistachio taste, less salt taste. But take this with a grain of salt because it was just one bag I tried.


With shipping this comes out to $5.99 per pound … which is not that good of a deal at all. You can get that or better at your local store.


FYI mr. white box,

the red dye on pistachios was originally used to cover blemishes on the shells of inferior nuts. these nuts are really great. unless they’re stale. then they’re just OK.

I’d like to know when these were picked.


That’s a lot of nuts.


Hmm, just saw your last post as I posted mine about “the one bag I tried seemed really salty.” Your data seems to back that up. I guess I’ll stay away from this brand, then; I like good pistachios, and I’m not totally anti-sodium, I like some salt, mostly use small amounts of sea salt at home, but I don’t like excessively salty foods, and a lot of “snacks” seem to be processed that way.

[Edit: good thing for the Woot filter; I almost posted an unpleasant word in my reply. But, yes, I’d agree they were totally fried frying fry-kin salty.]


I will say I have had this brand (still have some in my pantry), and I think they are delicious. I have not really had any issues with the salt level, although maybe it is just a preference, or I haven’t taken the time to notice.


I like these nuts, but this continues to be a not-so-great deal. Like many posters note, you can usually get these at your typical Sam’s / Costco store, and even sometimes at your local grocery, for less than the woot price.


If we’re off the wine for a bit, I hope we get some Brandini Toffee (with the popcorn poppers) soon. Those things are like crack. Must have more.


I must say this: even as salty as they were, and a bit stale, my parents agreed that these were better then the ones they were bragging about at costco. The internet, always improving lives.

After the last batch I’m wary of ordering these again. Maybe Woot! can send me a free bag to re-assure me of their quality! (haha yeah, right!)


Woot…please go back to the Fiddyment Farms pistachios. They are outstanding and I buy them direct from them now. They also have great customer service.

I bought these “Wonderful” pistachios last November (through my hubby’s account) and they are tiny, too salty and I just found a mealworm in one of the nuts that I’m going to be writing to them about. Yuck.


But you must not have tried Fiddyment Farms pistachios. I think they were the first ones woot carried. Boy, are they good nuts? Yum. I now but ONLY from Fiddyment. The last time I got these, mine were stale as well.