Premium Lightly Salted California Pistachios



I’m just about out of Woot Pistachios, is it time to purchase another batch! You bet!


Divinely salty with just enough shell to keep you from tipping the entire bag up into the air and emptying it into your mouth.



Is this a good deal? I luv Pistachios!


$7/lb doesn’t look so cheap.


With a Sam’s Club membership you can get a 64oz bag for about $17 or $18. I’ll pass on this.

EDIT: It’s a 48oz bag, not 64. Still a better deal.


Not such a great deal considering the Wegman’s by me sells these in 16oz pkgs for $7. This is the same cost/lb, plus I don’t have to by 4 lb’s at once.


Woot does it with a Woot-off!


ah nuts… I missed the case


$32.20 for one 32 ounce bag over at Amazon.


Seems like a great deal as the best price I could find on a single 32 oz bag @ amazon was $22.22 + $8.24 for shipping:

I’m in for one!


Anyone have a decent way to store the Pistachios? How long will they last? Thanks!


Premium Lightly Salted California Pistachios

+ $5 shipping

32oz Bag
2 32oz Bag Wonderful Pistachios Premium Lightly Salted California Pistachios


Keep them in any airtight container like Tupperware. They’ll last a couple of months for sure. They’ll still be edible even longer than that, but you might think they’re tasting a little stale after a while.


@aarphacker - From

Pistachios absorb moisture from the air and will become stale if improperly stored. Keep pistachios in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer to maintain freshness. In-shell pistachios will remain fresh for up to one year from the date of production, while shelled pistachios are best eaten within four months for maximum flavor. When thawing frozen pistachios, place them in a plastic bag to prevent the formation of condensation.


I kinda miss when they had Fiddyment pistachios on Woot. Not because I’d buy them, but because they were local. It’s kinda like seeing that guy you knew in high school playing in the major leagues, you know? But yeah, Fiddyment sells at our local farmer’s market, and I love them dearly.


Those are for shelled pistachios! There is a big difference. These are in the shell still, which means you get far less nuts/lb, plus you have to shell them!


Thanks, “duh,” I should have searched. These are excellent pistachios and now that I know how to keep them I am in for one.


A 3 lb bag is $16. So while it’s not the best deal, for someone who’s not a Sams’s Club member, I’d say it’s a good deal.


d’oh! Thanks for looking closely at my nuts and catching the error.