Premium Lightly Salted California Pistachios

Premium Lightly Salted California Pistachios
$22.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 2 32oz Bag Wonderful Pistachios Premium Lightly Salted California Pistachios

I paid $5 a pound for these just last week at Walgreens

WOOT, Woot! I am out of Pistachios. In for one, I have to pay twice this in stores locally.

Bought these during the last woot-off, if only I didn’t have 3.5lbs left I’d be all over this again. Alton Brown needs to do a pistachio episode to give me utilization ideas, this is just too much for casual snacking

Love them, but I have high blood pressure.

I buy the same brand at Kroger for $8 a pound. On this deal, with shipping, 6 bags are 6.17 a pound.

These are seriously good! You should buy 3!!! I DID!

and smitmachas with green gravey

32 oz. bag - $31.90

Good deal when compared to that.

I saw these in Safeway yesterday (northern CA) for 3.99 per pound bag.

These are five dollars a bag at the local grocer. Another NON WINE offering on this “wine” site. And a bad one at that.

About the same price at Whole Foods.


Mmmmmm, pistachios
Shame they’re so expensive

As a matter of fact, I have said that. Too many pistachios wreaks havoc on your tongue. Well, it’s hard to say "too many " perhaps enough is the better word.

Honey Badger don’t care about Wine… but he loves him some Pistachios!!!

I bought four bags of these last time they were offered, and I’d do it again if I didn’t still have some. These are a little different than grocery store pistachios. The brand is Wonderful (the good folks that do the Pom Wonderful juices and fresh pomegranates).

Quality control is high; very few of those obnoxious ones with no split in the shell, and the nuts are pretty large. A dozen of these pistachios is a whole breakfast (for me, anyway).

The salt is light, and the nuts taste a lot fresher than what I can usually access on the East Coast.

oh nuts!

Tad bit cheaper at Sam’s Club

$5 1/2 lb here.

I’m in.