Premium Queen Rayon from Bamboo- Set of 2

Found exact same product selling on for 23.99

If it’s this one, that’s a single. Better luck next time.

If it’s different, links be the help.

it’s a 2 pack…

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING, CYANILIE!!! I bought straight from Amazon after reading your post! Nice looking out

Hi there. So I found out that these pillows are exclusive to Woot so the ones on Amazon are not the same nor are they the same brand. Almost all bamboo pillows have the same cover.

Not to fuel the “Woot is just worse Amazon now” fight but the reviews on the Amazon item linked above are alarming. Finding staples, tears, reject marks etc on purchased items. I’d steer clear of that one myself, especially seeing that some of the reviews are saying that Amazon is requiring the return of items at your expense if you get a lemon.

Mine did not come with the cases for the pillows as depicted in the pictures.

Hello. If you’re concerned, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.