Prep & Cutlery

It may be 4" wide or 47", you’ll find out when it arrives! A little odd they don’t list the size anywhere?

I spot-checked and we have sizes listed- which one is missing sizing?

Fissler Profession 5-Piece Magnetic Knife Block Set

Ginsu 05203DS Ginsu Koden Series 11 Piece Cutlery Set

Yet again, no condition listed.

I was told that if no condition is listed, it is assumed new.

The Zwilling Santoku is being sold $5.01 more on Amazon (basically covers shipping if you have Prime). Only 5 reviews on it…

I am not a big kitchen knife connoisseur, but the 5" Santoku knives (not necessarily this one) are my all time favorite shape and size. I almost never get out my mandolin slicer any more.

they only had 1 Big Kahuna Chopping Block ?

Left over from previous sales. He deserved a forever home too.

I got one on here a while back, best dam cutting board ever, I love it.

Ooh, a trademark violation!

The orientation is almost correct tho. Lots of “designers” want to make the front leg perfectly vertical, or worse, put all 4 feet on the horizontal, like the horse is skidding to a stop. This one’s a little too upright, but it’s okay.