Prepare for Visitors

Trademark Global Deluxe 7-in-1 Game Set comes with 14 dominoes? What can you even play with that few?

Wow, a mini-FEMA camp. Might as well get them accustomed to confinement early. Why not bundle with a sign “Don’t just suspect your playmates…REPORT THEM!”? I’m in for 3!

I LOVE the photo with the kids in the cage…especially visiting kids…made me laugh. :wink:

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My self being a parent and owner of a “cage”, these are very useful for when you need to go to the bathroom, clean up a mess. It’s not for confining children while a parent sleeps or whatever you had in mind.

Sweet, a baby octagon where the babies can have UFC style fights while the parents watch for entertainment. 3 babies enter, but only 1 will leave.

$56.85 from with free shipping. Not such a great deal this time, Woot.

That’s for the 6 panel the 8 panel is on Woot.

We had one of these for our older son as well–they’re really pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I used that one for a chicken play-pen over the last few summers, so we need a new one for the new baby, who keeps trying to escape and crawl under the piano (ooo, dust to eat! Mmmm!). Baby cages are full of awesome, and the gate on this one looks great.

Purchased the Iris 4 panel plastic pen last time. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive but hidden among them are people like myself that purchased for small puppies. My 2 month old pup’s feet fit in the holes and she could climb it likd a ladder and escape. She figured it out in less than a minute. An amazon review of a similar product (white, with a door on one panel) has a video.

By the time the kid is old enough for a pony tail, aren’t they a bit big for the baby cage?

I didn’t have one, only because the house was too small. I totally baby proofed the kids bedroom and put a gate on it. It was only a small hallway from the kitchen.

Would be good for puppies too.

Identical Ikea wood hangers are considerably cheaper at $3.99/8 for natural and $4.99/8 for white, gray/brown, or black. Half the price here.

Where’s Tommy and Chuckie?

Almost a hundred bucks for what’s billed as a “chess & backgammon table”…yet it doesn’t include pieces for backgammon?

Such a deal!!

Yep, that makes no sense, especially when all the pictures are of the backgammon side :slight_smile:

two men enter…one man leaves

Oh my God! I thought I was the only one that used one of these pens for a chicken play-pen! I have a blind house chicken that I like to put outside to get some sun, and like to keep her confined (and the other outdoor chickens from picking on her). Whew! I’m not the ONLY crazy person on Woot! :wink:

FWIW, the IKEA hangers are curved whereas the Woot! ones are stated as flat. EDIT - this may be describing the hanging surface.