Prepare to Travel

Bought this a while ago from woot when I first got my dog. It was a great idea, but the water side leaked uncontrollably…

As much as my daughter’s cheap-ass dad wants to buy one of these cheap-ass tablets to get her off my (ahem… his) iPhone… the reviews suggest they’re too crappy to subject even a a 4 year-old to. Too bad.

A: Your dog is <60lbs
You can pick your dog up.

B: Your dog is >15lbs
Your dog can jump into the car on its own

Either way, you don’t need a pet ramp.

Ramps prevent injuries from jumping in and out of cars, off couches, beds, etc. And sometimes it’s more comfortable for a dog to walk on its own than to be picked up.

You can prevent injuries by not jumping the shark. This place has become the JC Penny’s bargin bin of the internet.

Seriously, do you have any idea how off putting it is to see all the garbage you are peddling? You used to be sincere and honest, TT. Now you are spewing drek about picking up dogs and their comfort level.


Boy, how I wish that weren’t true. There’s a lot more useless junk being sold now (in the past it might have been junk, but at least it was cheap NEAT junk). Focus, Woot. Focus.

Do NOT buy the Panasonic tablets!

These are complete junk, not even suitable for a child. It does not come with Google Play, and you can’t download normal Android apps.

It won’t stay connected to wifi, is extremely sluggish, and won’t play regular Android apps = complete waste of money.

My dogs ride in the back of my truck, one of which is a 10yo, 90lb American Bulldog who is not overly fond of being picked up.
There are situations where pet ramps/stairs are applicable.
That said, I used some wood and carpet scraps and made my own ramp.

So, if you’re old and arthritic, and your 80lb dog is old and arthritic, how exactly is the dog getting in the car for a vet visit, genius?

Which one are you talking about?!?

So, How much is the roof top carrier? Will it fit my Prius?

I must say that nothing insincere or dishonest about what TT has said. As a representative for a company, you do the best to describe the product you are peddling which as a reader I have always found TT to do.

The above being said, as an owner of several generation of dachsunds, I can tell you that my little older weiner dogs will certainly appreciate such a product. I have a ramp for them to enter/exit the cat door at home, so preventing jumps from the car is necessary as this breed (and several other) get older.

I’m not trying to peddle them. I’ve had many dogs and my larger dogs didn’t like being picked up. Until recently, I had a corgi/dachshund mix - long back. They are prone to back injuries from jumping. I had a ramp next to my bed so that she could get up and down without jumping.

It’s ok to not think that ramps are necessary just as it’s ok to think they can be really useful in some situations.

I have a 50 lb boxer and a 75 lb boxer mix. I’ve been looking into ramps because even though I can pick both of them up and neither minds, I don’t want to throw out my back. Larger breeds are typically predisposed for hip displaysia. I’d rather have a ramp and have the dogs use it as a precautionary tool so that they’re not jumping and stressing their joints more than need be. It is really easy for an animal to injure itself when jumping out of a truck.

seems to me you’re just bitter

Seems to me that even though most of us who have been around for a while are somewhat disappointed in the offerings in general, yet we must stick around for a reason. Woot still does offer some good deals, and I’ve found a few things on the plus sales that I’m glad they had. Do I miss old woot? Absolutely.

The direction Amazon has taken woot is definitely different, but I find that the customer service is still excellent. Their new woot business model must be working. If you hate it so much, it is probably because you are not a mainstream customer or their targeted demographic. Or you’re just resistant to change.

Obviously, it sucks since Snapster left, but I can’t blame him for being bought out by Amazon. If I were in his shoes, I’d probably have done the same thing.

I don’t understand the concept of coming on here and complaining about the new woot and personally attacking a moderator. If you’re not happy with it, you can leave suggestions, but to attack TT about jumping the shark shows your character, and not in a flattering way.

An old dog can’t always jump up or be lifted up. What if the owner is older too? That’s only 2 basic examples.

My parents dog uses a ramp, he’s a 45 lb. boxer. My 78 year old Dad should lift him into the SUV when he wears a neck & back brace?

I find your words offensive. Don’t tell others what they need because you don’t know. You don’t need it but others do.

If people drove more minivans, you wouldn’t need to strap a parachute on the top of your car.

I will disagree.
I have had dogs with bonecancer where a trip to the vet required getting the dog into the car. Do you really expect me to pick up my 65 pound dog with spinal osteosacroma? Look up osteaosarcoma. My dog had it in the spine. Any type of lifting risked damaging the spinal chord.
Or how about a Great Dane with OSA in the leg. Do you expect the dog to jump in and out of the vehicle with a strong possibility of breaking a leg.

I also have had dogs where a ACL tears that required vet visits and surgeries to repair. I guess it is fine for the dog to jump in and out before and after surgery.

Your comment is like saying a set of crutches is not needed when you break a leg because you have 2 legs and should be able to walk.

Pets have handicaps too.

Curious about the Samsung Galaxy Player (5.0") and the car top travel carrier.

Anybody have any experience?

I currently use my old phone as an mp3 player, and was looking to get a non-ipod mp3 player with bluetooth, because my ipod touch’s bluetooth does not work too well with my car’s Pioneer In-Dash bluetooth system.

Androids work just fine though.