KT has supplied us with a good many Ideas for Christmas, and I have found a few gifts for people that I have trouble thinking of things to get. I like the Lakeside collection and have found a couple of good ideas and I was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions. It can be such a pain in the ass to find gifts and I figured it might be a good idea to share ideas. I found a wireless TV headset for $7 and my for my grandfather who has bad hearing. It bothers my grandmother when he turns the TV all the way up, so I figured these might be a good idea.

If you have someone that you have trouble finding a gift for, or you found a great gift for someone you never know what to get post here.

Results will be posted on December 25. Hmm…


I like this thread.

Cincinnati has a few places that serve high tea and it’s kind of neat. My sister would love to go to one, but the city she lives in doesn’t have any. So I packed a Christmas basket with several teas, a couple scone mixes, clotted cream, lemon curd, and a harp CD. She loved it.

My dad used to take great delight in his garden. One year the zoo was selling bags of elephant poop fertilizer. He thought it was pretty funny.


The boys are getting tougher to buy for. Of course, they all want video games, #2 is into manga, #3 has all the older ones cast offs. He likes cars, we have about 200 of them, he likes stuffed toy cats and he has 6 or 7 already, I got him a bicycle last year (with training wheels) and he refuses to ride it. He fell over once and decided it was too dangerous.


For #2, if he doesn’t already get it. Sadly I never renewed my subscription, but the backorders and a new subscription would be a great present for my parents to get me.

Goes of to jot on I want list

Edit: Calling your son #2 just sounds wrong…


Shonenjump is a standard renewal subscription gift for our son. This year, for his birthday, we’re taking him and three of his friends to PA for the Renfest . . .

I never know what to get for the wife . . .


Hmm, does your wife have any hobbies?


Renaissance Festival/Faire . . . we went a couple weeks ago as part of a tour. We really enjoyed it but didn’t get to stay long (plus it was killer hot/humid.) Son enjoyed it a great deal so we asked if he’d like to go back with friends . . . he was all over the idea (and so were his friends.)


You should buy him a sword. I want a sword.


He has a couple displat swords, but he wants a dueling sword (rapier). They have a forge at the fest that makes real swords - and several shops sell them. But the cheapest among them for an average quality blade runs about $8.00 per inch.


Bah! Get him a manly broadsword.


I’m thinking about getting this for my brother because they will have a baby soon, what do you think?


Bah! Get him a manly broadsword.


Hmm…Only $34.99!

Looks like a cheap piece, good reviews, but it also says for display, BAH!

Wait a second, these people bought a sword made by some toy company in china, of course they are idiots.


If he’s about to become a father, he already has a manly broadsword!

And, Fen, don’t confuse a rapier with an epee or foil . . . rapiers are more similar to cavalry sabers and can be used more efficiently and effectively than a broadsword - making them deadlier, too.


Heh. How old is your son?


He’ll be 18 the end of the month.






Here is an interesting prouduct, Zwipes. Useing them for notebooks to write reminders is kind of dumb, but they seem to work on any plastic surface, they are waterproof and smugeproof untill you use the eraser. I can’t think of any particularry good use for them, but you might be able to.

The best I can come up with is for dry rease boards where you will right stuff and erase it agin and again, but you want to set up a template, like a calander or something.

If they destroy somthing, I haven’t used them much so who knows.


OK, I admit, I was just looking for a reason to bump this thread…