Preservation & Co. Condiment Sampler (6)

Preservation & Co. Condiment 6-Pack Sampler
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
Sale Price: $29.99 (Includes Shipping)
List Price: $50.00 (Includes Shipping)
Discount: 40% off List Price
Preservation & Co. Bloody Mary BBQ Sauce, 16 fl. oz. Jar
Preservation & Co. California Gold BBQ Sauce, 16 oz. Jar
Preservation & Co. Red Eye Chipotle BBQ, 16 fl. oz. Jar
Preservation & Co. Capitol Sriracha Sauce, 5 fl. oz. Bottle
Preservation & Co. Green Sriracha Sauce, 5 fl. oz. Bottle
Preservation & Co. Bloody Mary Marinade, 8 fl. oz. Jar

where are all the gripey guts “this is way over-priced” people now? this looks like a good deal @ $5 per bottle: and 3 are 16 oz!! in for one.

Um, maybe they are not here because they don’t see this as another overpriced item?

Seems obvious to me and actually lends cred to the complaints that are posted here regularly. If people were just crybabies, they’d screech about every item regardless of the value of the deal.

I think it’s a legitimate debate that every time the complaints happen that the complaints are valid, though. The truth, as usual, I think is somewhere in between.

Probably because this is reasonably priced, unlike 4 6oz bags of flavored salt for $35.

Interesting. This is from Sacramento, CA - a local guy makes this from scratch - their bloody mary mix is really good!

Really great stuff. I had tried the Green Siracha previously via a gift box and had been looking for it elsewhere. These sauces are very good and a good value. Try it, you’ll like it! :slight_smile: