Preserved Boxwood Cone Topiary

Not to beat around the bush, There seems to be a slight difference between the photo on the entry page to home woot! and the photos when you click on the deal.

I stand corrected. I thought that coffeepot would be on here for at least an hour!

All would-be-buyers beware!!

I contacted the manufacturer and these are NOT safe for cats.

I did not ask about dogs, but if my cat would die from eating it, I’m not about to take a chance with my dog.

Huh huh…huh huh…you said

Oh, right, yeah, I thought the same thing.

But, it’s a plastic plant, right? Not a real plant?

That pic is left from the last time this was offered. This one seems to only be for the two different size cone shaped ones.

Nope, they are real. Just “preserved”. You still have to give it a little water (a light spray monthly) and direct sunlight will kill it…

You Need to take care and FEED your CAT FISH or other MEATS.
TO Stop them From EATING the VEGETATION around the House !

…Ha Hah HE HE hee …LOL !!

Incidentally Cats are Carnivorous , Not herbivorous.

Bacon Tree?

So um, just asking…no reason…but IF I bought this and IF my neighbor’s annoying cats HAPPENED to just eat a ton of this plant after I finished spraying it with some water or a fish puree or something, who’s really going to end up taking the fall? Is it me? Woot? The manufacturer? The cat’s owner?

Curiosity here…nothing more, nothing less.

Well I FEED my CAT MEATS and FISH and the little jerk still wants to eat yarn and paper. Some cats are just idiots who need to be protected from themselves, carnivores or not.

I wonder if they’re available here:

Yep, both my cats love to chew on greens. I guess this is not for me, then.

I think these would look great on the mantle in my retro oak panelled living room!

Oh my cats eat better than I do :wink: And true, they are carnivorousness, but they are also like toddlers and put any thing in their mouth they can…

Just saying. I bought one last time and it’s nice, but I had to put it someplace high enough that even they can’t get to it…

Check your local laws, but here in my world, Mr. Ruger would meet Mr. Neighbor. Unless it was Ms. Neighbor who was inclined to offer compensation, hahaha… No really… If you’re neighbor won’t take care of their own cat, call animal control.