Presidential Battle Republicans vs Democrats


Thought it would be better here than the item forums.

Edited: There were discussions of previous presidents and their political ideology in the woot fourum. It was President’s Day and Matthew gave us a president lesson in the podcast.


//grabs sledgehammer

//beats Ebvad on the head for two hours

//sets fire to Ebvad

//drags corpse to the L.A. Waste management Lift pump Base

'nuff said


Thanks for the torture actually felt pretty good. I have to admit that I agreed with posts in the Iriver posts but nobody will know what that opinion was becasue the mods killed them all.


//file under “Can’t figure out politics don’t belong here”

//resumes sledgehammer beating


You keep beating me up but if you don’t realize all i was trying to do was move the conversation from the standard forums to everything else. I personally don’t care what everyone else thinks unless they are in my face. Currently you are in my face.
Trying to do good here not trying to cause problems.


I realize that you are trying to bring politics into these forums.

//replaces sledgehammer with 500 ton piledriver


How about this piledriver?


Point taken this forum is yours I don’t want anymore abuse. Funny thing is that no one from the battle from the other forum came here. Looks like I am whipping child. Have fun and don’t kill me but please beat me into submission.


You know, everryone likes discussion here, but there’s plenty of places on the Web to do that. Woot is so far from a political forum and we like it that way. Also, noone in these forums probably had any idea about the ‘discussion’ going on in the product forum; your intro didn’t really give much clue about that at all.

next time give it some context (but please keep politics out).


I will actually weigh in a real answer. I am pretty dang displeased with our political opitons right now. In 2004, I had to choose from the lesser of two evils rather than the better of two canidates.

I hope that in 2008 each party puts forth a person who is wanting to make a difference rather than a person who wants to bash the other party.

Just my two cents.



FSM for Dictator!
Noodles are great for 2008!


It was a hard choice in 2004…I wonder if Bush will make it to 2008 without being impeached? Seems like his party is just constantly hitting speed bumps since getting relected.


You’ve missed the point entirely.




Flying Saucer Mama a song by Ray Campy




Fine, it really stands for Flying Spaghetti Monster


Really; I don’t know who Ray Campy is!


Ebvad, you must realize that Lemmus Igniswootus or the flaming woot lemming, can be a very volatile creature. They are normally shy and secretive and can only be seen during their nocturnal spice forages. They may, however, lash out savagely at a potential spice thief or someone from Texas attempting to start a political discussion.


I didn’t think most people would. Another artist from my collection of older music. He’s more of a rock-a-billy artist.