Presorvac 5 Cycle Marinater


what the hell is this?

ugh. weak. going to sleep.

woot really wants us to go to sleep…

product site

what the hell is this crap… thats it, like a tree im leaving

Oh boy. Good for squirrel meat.


HAH! yeah right

but does it blen…uh marinate?

This one is gonna be a while so in the mean time watch this

a reason to go to bed

If you have to ask, then you aren’t qualified to hear the answer.

I have one I got a year ago… I LOVE IT!!! works great for Tri-Tip :slight_smile: yum yum yum

how long do you have to Marinate Zombie brains?

Laughing uncontrollably. Thanks!

time for bed, I thought the knife took a long time, this will make that seem fast

wtf, mikey, go to bed…

Wake me up when this one sells out.