Presorvac 5 Cycle Marinater

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Presorvac 5 Cycle Marinater
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Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Epicurean Presorvac MA-430 5 Cycle Marinater

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Bought one of these on happy hour many months ago and it works great. If you looking for a quick Marinater buy this one.

Anybody tried food marinated with one of these things? If so, well, does it work?

I use mine 2 or 3 times a week. and it works very well

Would my mother take offence if I gave it to her for a Christmas present??

Product website?

Edit: and manual on the page:

Some reviews at Amazon

coupla froogles

This is a fantastic question. Don’t want to offend good ol’ mom but this seems like a good deal and a useful product.

Really? I do not understand the concept or necessity of this device. What does it DO?

I am considering it for that last minute dead animal flesh to go on the grill on my way out the door to go tailgating.

This takes me back to high school literature. ‘The Ancient Marinater’ was my favorite poem!

Here’s a website, although it seems it was made by the company owner’s nephew/‘graphic designer’.

Has anyone ever tried one of these contraptions to marinate tofu?

I got one of these 49 blade meat tenderizers, like this:

It makes tons of holes in the meat to tenderize and let the marinade soak in. I’ve had amazing results by pounding the crap out of meat and marinating in the fridge overnight. I can’t even imagine how delicious it would be if I had this marinater. I might get me one.

Got one of these. Cons: very loud, a bit clunky in my small kitchen, you have to push that lid really hard to close, won’t fit a whole chicken

Pros: Actually watching meat expand (yes, moving meat), easy to clean, marinated awesomeness

There is at least one study showing that marinating chicken is pointless because the marinade doesn’t really penetrate the meat. I don’t know about chicken but my experiments show that vacuum marinating beef really does work. I described it in a previous Woot.

Essentially imagine your beef as a pillow. Like the pillow, there are a lot of air pockets inside the beef. Now imagine putting the pillow in one of those vacuum storage bags you see advertised on TV. When you suck out the air with a vacuum cleaner, the pillow shrinks. Opening up the bag sucks air in, rushing into the pillow as it puffs up again. That’s what’s happening when you vacuum air out of a vessel containing beef. It shrinks as the air is sucked out of its cavities. When you release the vacuum air rushes in, refilling the cavities of the meat. Now imagine that the beef was surrounded by marinade instead of air. Instead of sucking in air, it’ll suck in the marinade. Voila, instant deep marinating.

BTW, I do agree that normal marinating does very little because there is no reason for the marinade to enter the beef. In fact, osmosis would draw water out of the beef rather than draw solutes (i.e. salt and other flavorings) into the beef. That’s why they say to salt burgers after cooking, not before if you want a juicy burger. In other words, simply soaking the beef in marinade merely coats the meat. Most of the flavoring probably drips away with the fat.

Any owners have thoughts on the life span of these things? Looks like a couple folks on Amazon said they broke very fast.

I bought my mother a pressure cooker last year for Christmas. It went over well. You might try it.