Presorvac 5 Cycle Marinater

Womp, womp. lol

Anyone know how well this works?

Wow! Did Woot die for anyone else?


It’s so quiet in here… are people still reeling from the BOC?

missed the BOC

can you put weed in this?


SWEET!! I got a bag-o-crap. First ever

fml, this T1 does me no good

Dang! Missed the BOC by THAT MUCH > <. (Forgot to put the woot password on the buy page.)

this is only like the 13th time i’ve gotten to the order page, hit the gold button, them bam! this product is sold out…

After 3.5 years…finally got a BOC!

Forever w/o a BoC…

If it ain’t 8 cycles, I’m not interested.

ugh. tried so hard for bag of crap. timmyboy fail

I didn’t realize it was 1999 all over again - when people gave a crap about marinaters and servers couldn’t handle loads.

Darn Missed the BOC

How 'bout that!