Presorvac 5 Cycle Marinater

where are you boc?

Where does woot keep these things. I mean they must have a tunnel to China where they are made.

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Great price, poor reviews on Amazon.

Too bad, it looked interesting…

I will pass…

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

Bought this ages ago…doesn’t get used.

Ziplock…all the way!

amazon reviews says the motor is bad on this and they don’t work very long.

Hey, this thing sucks! :o)

Dahmer had one

Something different yay.

To bad it seems like this Woot-off is on Auto-pilot now.

I love this marinater. We’ve had ours for a couple of months, and no issues so far. Rather easy to use, but it can be really noisy. Not for use around children trying to nap.

Ah, the Voyage of the Ancient Marinater.

Mine crapped out after about half a dozen uses. Although I had it for 2 years, I only used it a handful of times. POJ, IMO.


I bought 2, mine is HORRIBLE! Sorry folks, I bought 2 items in the last hr but this stinks.

Don’t do it I have been waiting for 3 weeks for a call back

perverse sack

Plastic? No thanks! My hormone levels are just fine the way they are…