Presovac Marinater & Firewire Flexible Skewer 6-Pack Bundle

are we onto fast selling items now?


…useless product…

Who buys this?

Fire everything!

They should just rename this Woot-Off the Recycle-Off. Lord knows they’re regurgitating the exact same items over and over enough times.

Didn’t we just see the marinater like 8 hours ago?

Didn’t they sell this yesterday without the skewers?

is this worth the money? has anyone ever used one?

But this one has SIX skewers!

Don’t want a Firewire marinater. Want my marinater to be USB 3.0.

Actually, the marinater is a great product (and one I’ve owned since last year, courtesy of Woot). However, this item was already in this Woot Off before.

i bought this but it came without any skewers. what’s the deal?

well i was going to come here to see if anyone else was having this issue but it appears i’m the only sucker to buy this thing.

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