Pressure Cookers

What would you cook in your new pressure cooker?

I snagged one of these Fisslers in the last woot-off.

I’ve cooked about 12 full meals so far and I have to say it is very convenient, and extremely reliable, especially in the morning when you want a couple of fresh hard boiled eggs without having to wait for the water to boil. They are definitely not lying about cook times.

The one problem I have is that when I have to cook a main dish for more than two people, it way too small.

Overall, I’ve gotten enough use out of this one that I ended up buying one of their high end 10.6 quart Vitavit models, so I can cook for the whole family.

It should also be noted that the blue point is now considered the “low end” of Fissler pressure cookers. The Vitaquick and Vitavit Premium have adjustable pressure settings and a rippled frying surface that uses less oil. reviews also say that the Vitaquick has a dangerous pressure release mechanism compared with the blue point.

If you do buy one (and I do recommend that you do) this page is a great reference for cook times:

Sorry, woot, this just isn’t much of a deal. Costco sells the same 5-piece set for $89.99, and you’d have that great return policy.

On that note, however, it is well reviewed.

I too bought this Fissler cooker at the last woot-off. I had never pressure-cooked before so I figured this was a good way to start. I’m here to tell you, pressure cooking is awesome. Not only is the cook time slashed to minutes, but meat comes out unbelievably tender.

The thing is built like a tank and easy to use. However be aware, the 2.7qt size is only suitable to cook for 1 or 2 people… also this small unit isn’t big enough for a steam tray so there are a lot of vegetables that you can’t prepare.

I subsequently bought their 8.5qt size as well to handle larger meals, as well as for the steam tray. It does hold more food, but on the downside, it takes longer to come up to pressure, and it’s a little more difficult to regulate the pressure of the larger unit on an electric stove. So the 2.7qt does have a useful place in the kitchen.

I might buy the 4qt Fagor to round out my collection of cookers. Did anybody who bought a Fagor in the last wootoff want to weigh in on that one?

This is AWESOME. I have been cooking with pressure cookers for a while. It’s convenient.

And I am REALLY glad that Home.Woot is not just about cheap, but also lists high-end items at discounted prices. Fissler is as good as pressure cooker gets, and Fagor is not far behind. Fissler is well-known as the Mercedes of cookware. Fully made and designed in Germany, and you can FEEL the quality, just pick it up. It’s substantial, and it’s solid, unlike those lower-cost cookers out there.

I applaud this sale!

With the advent of the versatile, multi function electric pressure cookers…this old school types, though simple but reliable (am a Fagor pressure cooker owner myself, for years) had become passe, IMHO.

I have pressure cookers I bought after living in England, Italy, and Germany. I have gotten rid of all my previous american style pressure cookers in favor of european style. Rather than the lid locking down over the edge of the pan, mine have the pan edge enclose the lid. The rubber gasket is much less important and you get a stronger quicker seal. see Hawkins Futura hard anodized for an example.

Safety tip: If you’re getting into canning, pressure cookers are not the same as pressure canners. You can cook in a canner, but you can’t can in a cooker.

I didn’t buy the one on woot, but I’ve had one of the similar slightly bigger Fagor models and have been happy with it. Stainless, solid, seems well built, and works well.

I’m a huge fan of electric pressure cookers, too. I suspect they don’t give the user that high quality feel that several posters have listed for these, but they add the programming convenience of a good slow cooker to the speed of a pressure cooker. I snag the best deals I can find online and gift them to everyone in an effort to convert others to my Pressure Cooker obsession!

I wish the Fissler was slightly larger. 2.7 qt. is too small. I hope woot will offer a bigger Fissler in the future

Sold Out! If there is any possibility that this or similar offer would come back I will be sure to check home woot much earlier. I am sad I missed out on this. It surely would have ended up in my cart without hesitation!