Presto! Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent, 96 oz

Presto! Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent, 96 oz

For this size you can probably find something cheaper at the club store.


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And pay for shipping.

Rather than an unhelpful “probably” I’ll put this out there: our go to is Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean Fresh Scent Liquid Laundry Detergent at 276.2 oz for $14.99

Presto! is “concentrated” so you use 50% less per wash, which equates to 192 oz of regular detergent (96 x 2).

That’s a full 84 (equivalent) ounces less of Presto! for the same price.

There might be other reasons this is a deal (does it clean substantially better than other detergents?) or works better for some people (tight on storage for big bottles?) but I’ll stick with our usual.

276.2 oz of Arm & Hammer will do 159 loads.

96 oz of Presto will do 128 loads.

It’s a 31 load difference. So yes, you do get more loads with the bigger bottle of Arm & Hammer. But it’s also a heavier bottle. Pros & Cons all around. Personally I like the smaller bottles delivered to my door.

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So you’re agreeing with everything I said.

That’s what I use! No nasty smelling clean burst scent over here! :wink: I also think it costs a tad more since it’s not the easy to find any and everywhere, clean burst scent

I do like the Presto toilet paper. I don’t mind the papertowels, which are comparable to (maybe even slightly better than) Bounce (which is overrated). I now understand why my mom always insisted on Brawny and it wasn’t just bc of the lumberjack on the front :joy:

I’m a bit confused if you use the Arm and Hammer or not, lol. FWIW, it’s the only scented detergent we like, and my wife is sensitive to detergent perfumes. Prior we would buy the All Free and Clear, although it costs substantially more than the A&H.

The Arm & Hammer that’s most common in stores, at least near me, is in the “Clean Burst” scent and it doesn’t smell good. The “fresh scent” is a bit harder to find and it’s what I use (like you).

If I told my (ex)boyfriend to pick up some A&H detergent w/oxyclean fresh scent, he’d bring back the clean burst and say oh it’s all they had. It probably was, but still. Not the right stuff! :woman_facepalming:

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Dunno where you live of course, but the Fresh Scent is a staple at BJs Wholesale Club.

According to Consumer Reports, this gets 64 points and the A&H Oxi gets 55 points. It is a fair comparison. You’ll get more from the A&H, it’s not as effective.

It’s helpful and influenced you to use your fingers in searching the internet to find what I was talking about :yum:

:Ahhhh… stretches and pats self on back for doing nothing: