Pretend It's Summer With Native Sunglasses



Tell us about this brand! Tried them? Liked them? Let us know.


Are these “Ladies” or unisex (I am looking at the Lodo)? Not that it really matters, as long as I look good in them, but often you can infer more about how they will look if you know the gender they were designed for. Also helps ensure they will fit on my big head.

My car recently had its passenger window smashed and broken into. The only thing they took were my ray-bans. So these would make a nice affordable replacement.

I know woot occasionally even gets ray-bans, but I can’t afford full-on ray-bans right now and they rarely seem to have polarized aviators, which is what I had. I need polarization (tried it, loved it, can’t go back), so I am looking at these. Can anyone offer an opinion, about either the styling or quality?


I’ve had two different pairs of Native sunglasses and have been quite happy with them. They’ve held up well and seem to have good quality lenses. I haven’t owned other high-end sunglasses, so I can’t compare to Raybans, Oakleys, etc, but they’re miles ahead of my Walmart polarized specials). I also had a good experience with the warranty - after 2.5 years of frequent use, one pair cracked at the hinge when I sat on them at an amusement park. There was about a $30 fee (which is nothing compared to buying a new pair of $100 glasses) to send them in under warranty, and I ended up with a brand new pair of glasses within a few weeks, no questions asked.

The ones woot’s offering isn’t my preferred sunglasses style, but I’m strongly considering them due to the price & quality.


These styles are all unisex. The Lodo is for medium size faces. I’ve got a big noggin, but can wear all the listed styles with no problem.


Thank you both, this is exactly the info I was hoping to gather. I’m sold. At $30, its not the biggest risk I’ve ever taken anyway.


I have purchased four pairs of Native sunglasses on this site. The kind I got were slightly more expensive (I think I paid about $80). I adore them. I have paid up to $500 of sunglasses (Rayban, Oakley, Revo, Versace), and these are comparable. They are well made, scratch resistant, and I liked the polarization. It’s important to me as I wear them on a boat. I can see into the water better with the polarization than with the naked eye. I have also purchased cheap sunglasses with bad polarization, and it’s a night and day difference.

Now, I cannot vouch for the quality of this line of Native, but for $30 bucks, you can’t really go wrong.


I bought a set of the Gonzos over a year ago. I typically destroy sun glasses, but these have held up exceptionally! Not to mention they have a very good replacement plan if you do happen to damage them, unlike most other brands. They came with a boss case and strap and the lenses and nose piece are replaceable!


So I take it the Gonzo’s are not polarized? Or am I being dim and just not reading well?

I may have to get a pair of these for my husband. This bit of the description is what is selling it for me:

“Anti-Ocular Intrusion System®, a 4-point configuration, helps prevent lenses from shooting into your face in the event of high-velocity impact”

My husband broke his last pair of sunglasses when coaching Little League baseball and a thrown ball hit him in the face. Seriously.


I know all of the Native Eyewear are polarized.I think they just missed it on the description.


So is a “medium face” larger or smaller than the average face? Would Lodo be bigger or smaller than the “non Lodo”?


A medium face would be the average sized face. Notice that the frame is more horizontal on the face, the Lodo fits really well on all shape faces. You can’t beat the price for these glasses.


Though I don’t care for these styles, I’ve been familiar with this brand for around eight years or so and can say they make very nice glasses. I once had my eye on a pair at sport chalet, but didn’t have the cash for them at the time. Either that, or I just didn’t want to pay what they cost. These prices are really cheap for these and if you like the style, you should be happy with them.


I had a pair of Native Boulder sunglasses and lost them while visiting NYC. Don’t hesitate to get these, I loved the ones I had and was bummed I lost them. These prices are great, I paid around $100 for the original ones I had. Still have a spare set of lenses, so I’m hoping they will fit in these ones.


What’s the difference between the Lodo and the Gonzo? Size?


I’m trying to order 2 pairs of glasses, each a different style, but I can’t seem to do that w/out placing 2 separate orders. I don’t necessarily want to pay shipping twice, even if it is only $5 an order.


You will pay shipping on the first order and that unlocks free shipping for the rest of the day - until midnight Central.


Both glasses fit med / lg faces. Difference is in the size of the lens and design of the temple. What’s great about these glasses is that the lens are interchangeable, so you can buy two Lodo’s in two lens colors (gray, brown) and switch out the lens for different contrast. They normally retail at $90.


2 pairs of native glasses for $55 shipped because of $5 all you can ship and a couple of coupons! You guys are amazing!


Got a pair of these last time they were up and I love them! Very high quality frames and the polarization is amazing. It improves the contrast on my vision even when it isn’t sunny and I felt like it reduced my eyestrain on long drives. The style I got was a little large (not among those offered here) but I have a big head so they fit quite comfortably.