Prevention Auto-Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor

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New Prevention Auto-Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor, for $29.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Prevention Auto-Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor DS-1902PV

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Prevention Auto-Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor
$29.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Prevention Auto-Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor DS-1902PV

4 star reviews from amazon reviewers…

Last few days had some pretty good stuff. I guess we are overdue on a mediocre item. How would one go about giving this as a stocking stuff for gramps? Slightly morbid I guess.

My father is always complaining that his current blood pressure cuff sucks, so maybe I’ll grab this one for him.

so 2 blood pressure cuffs in how long? I want to know which major hospital I shouldn’t be going to because they couldn’t afford the “new deal” in cuffs… But seriously now, when did Woot market in medical supplies, maybe I’ll get lucky and find me a first aid kit, It might go well with the roadside kit they offered a while back.

Hah, this is on sellout, which I think is generally overstocked stuff, and Amazon only has three left in stock.

Anyway, I bought the one on plain woot early this month. It’s also Prevention brand, but looks like a slightly different model. Same woot price ($30). Got it several days ago; works well. I think that earlier one looks prettier, but looks like the functionality is probably very similar. Kind of a fun toy – or a useful tool if you’re actually worried about that sort of thing (as some people need to be).

Does Sellout.woot ship by smartpost too?

having high blood pressure i should really probably get this…but instead i’d rather buy those behind the head earmuffs on woot lol

This one does.

Users Manual download:

Awww, I don’t care about the blood pressure monitor, but the Louis XVI and Montgolfier brothers chat is hilarious.

Hey, Woot, here’s an idea…the Montgolfiers had 14 other siblings…

Best woot description series ever…

the old one on woot was not battery operated. This one is meant to be a bit more portable. I have the other one from woot and I have that plugged in all the time and just take my pressure about 3 times a day.

Thanks for the review. After reading this, and listening to my wife complain for 20 minutes that her 121/79 BP is too high, I’m buying it jsut to shut her up.

Way to put her in her place…