Prevention Auto-Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor

Grad student on week between classes.

OMG it so totally is guyliner >.>

I am a computer programmer, so when somebody comes to my desk, I just alt+tab away from woot.

no big deal. i actually tell a bunch of my co-workers when woot-offs happen and then check them out too

guys im a WOOT newbie… and i understand i just missed the elusive BOC a couple hours ago. how often have you guys seen that before? and any chance ill see it again ever my whole life?!

im so sad


I’m a pilate.

Nothing wrong there. Stormtroopers rock!

woot is sending out several in the next bags of crap.


My bosses are 2 and 4, you have it worse than me!

These would be especially useful during woot-offs. :-/

Dude. Oh, nevermind.

“Carrot Juice is Murder”
Great song actually

Substitute teacher showing movies.


Guys Im a WOOT newbie… and I understand i just missed my first ever, very elusive, BOC. How many times have u guys witnessed an event like this? And what are the chances it will happen again? ever in my life?

im so sad


What a coincidence. I’m in IT and I also tell my co-workers to check out woot daily. My boss doesn’t happen to be here today…

Nope, Never. Nothing to see here. Move along

Full time musician, I work nights yo.

Substitute teacher showing movies.

Your only hope is to try Alt-F4