Prevention Ultima Upper-Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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Prevention Ultima Upper-Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Prevention DS-2200PV Ultima Upper-Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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I’m not sure how good this will be over your cloths, but when measuring your blood pressure, you should always do so on a bare arm. Just an FYI :slight_smile:

Good for older family members

The manufacturer’s website…

And some really poor reviews over at Amazon.

so it did happen… remember the if woot was in charge of universal healthcare contest??

$47.41 on amazon.

8 one-star reviews, 1 four-star, 1 five-star.

People said parts are broken or it doesn’t work.


They don’t have reviews for this specific model, but a few other Prevention monitors got good reviews on Buzzillions.

How long will it last on the batteries (how many readings before they die)?

I know it lists the size, but I don’t know what my arm circumference is. If I use a large blood pressure cuff at the doctor’s office, does anyone know if this would be big enough for me?

Loaded with DOA reviews on every site.

What about cuff size? When i go to the doctor, they switch to a large cuff on their equipment.

Edit: Never mind. Stupid angerbender did not read close enough

Got one last time woot had them and mine came broken. I remember majority of the people that purchased one also recieved a broken unit.

I’ve used one for a while, it’s always good to monitor your heart, especially if you have health issues!

$20 is not bad with wall adapter and plastic box.

80468CPU with 50MHz, Wow not even a x486, Hulu would be frustrating if not impossible on this.

Measure your arm dude. It gives the dimensions it will handle in both M/M and Inches. Maybe you can lose some weight?

“Cuff Coverage Arm Circumference: 9.1 to 16.9 in. (23 to 43 cm)”
~Item Description

Generally, electronic blood pressure measuring machines aren’t as accurate as manual ones (the ones doctors use in their office/hospitals).