Prevention Ultima Upper-Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

the description was funny.

that’s it. carry on.

Is there an XL cuff that can be purchased for this?

Weird system requirements. A 468 processor (I’m sure that’s supposed to be 486), but geez that’s ancient. But then it needs Win98SE or newer. The 486 was still a part of the Win3.1 era.

And Vista is supported, but only in 32-bit and only with a factory install. What difference is there between Dell installing Vista and you installing Vista?

I bought one of these a year ago. It arrived broken. The package was fine, but inside the unit where the valves and hoses are there was a T in the air line with one of the inlets broken off. I couldn’t get it to glue back together no matter what I did. I never did get to use it.

The cuff design is great…the slip buckle isn’t perpendicular to the axis of the cuff, but rather at about a 30 degree angle. It works much better on the Big Guns than the straight buckle. I pulled it off the broken unit and used it on my old Omron.

This is a deja-woot.
They had these last year.
Sitting in a 140 degree warehouse for a year
should solve any cold solder connection issues.

Don’t let it raise your blood pressure. Sell them on Ebay,

What are the long term effects of high blood pressure?

Bought one previously on Woot, but am not sure it is accurate. My doctor has been trying to get my hypertension under control, but this always gives me kind results. My blood pressure is much higher in the doctor’s office, of course, so is my weight.

It’s often OK to do it over a loose, thin cloth sleeve, though, but bare is best.

Got one after finding out they debugged the problems with the original units. Great price for what it does. Have the wrist one and that one works on my wifes wrist but gives bad readings on me. Doc says to get the arm type… $20… even if it breaks, be a great paper weight… LOL

Stay away from this blood pressure monitor!!! I am on my second defective/broken one this year. The first one was received broken (from Woot) and had to be sent back to the vendor at my cost. The replacement worked for a couple of months until it stopped working (while sitting on a shelf). I called the company and had to deal with the person explaining how to use the product before receiving the okay to ship back for repair.
Search the internet for other posting for the unit and you will find similar problems.

It is intended to fit very large arms. Beyond the normal range anyway, just ask me.

This item convinces me that the folks at Woot really are genius’s. What a perfect item to offer to all those folks who bought that P C that just sold out. People will want to buy one of these to keep their blood pressure in check when they find out how difficult a P C can be to keep happy.

Are you kiddin’?

Check out what Wiki says - basically you die quicker with high BP!

Doctors did not spend 1/2 their life in school to read your emails,they would rather charge $150 plus for an office visit where a nurse will take your blood pressure with a
quality unit and get a correct reading.

E-mail and ask them to amend or cancel your order.

Are these from the same lot as the ones sold last year?

I was about to buy this but decided to Google the product first. LOTS of bad reviews…most stated the unit was DOA or had issues with a hose/valve. I would say stay away from this woot. If you must buy it the cuff goes to 16.9 inches. My upper arm measures 18.5" in diameter and I use the ‘large cuff’ in the doctors office so this unit will most likely not fit the large cuff group.

That’s cynical and unfair. No one claims that this is a “solution.” And hypertension isn’t necessarily due to sodium or a sedentary lifestyle. I do medical research and have used this sphygmomanometer professionally to establish baselines. It compares well the the mercury models we use in the lab.

As for trained professional," what kind of training do you think we get? I’ve trained research assistants to assess BP and pulse in less than 10 mins. Sorry, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to listen to Korotkoff sounds. Onset of sound=systole. Last sound=diastole. That’s it.

Indeed, these oscillometric models often perform better than our nurses for the simple reason that nurses can get distracted. Or their hearing is off. Plus, being assessed at a doctor’s office usually elevates one’s true BP because of anxiety. A properly calibrated home monitor is hardly a novelty.

Lastly, no “trained professional” can manually detect an arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) by assessing one’s BP. Many electronic sphygmomanometer, including this one, can do just that. In fact, it consistently detected a problem in my father while the rest of the family tested normally.

So no, this is not a novelty but a crucial device in monitoring one’s health. This is especially true if you;ve been given new medication for hypertension. Or taking any new medication that may cause hypertension.

I guess I was lucky (xtremely rare) in that I bought the one previously on WOOT and it still works great, to this day. I even asked my family Dr if it would be OK if I brought mine in to compare to theirs, of course he said sure. This one was within one point off, maximum and we tried it several times on different people.

But if I were to read those reviews on Amazon, I wouldn’t buy one either-----though I don’t understand what’s broken and I’d try to fix it myself before returning it.

Not trying to sway anyone, but I’d think by now they have the issue fixed.