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Prevention Ultima Upper-Arm Blood Pressure Monitor [New] - $17.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Prevention DS-2200PV Ultima Upper-Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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$30 and disappointing reviews on amazon

Does anyone know if this thing has a clock (e.g. if it stores the date and time with each of the 60 readings that it’s memory can hold)?


Everywhere I look for reviews online, I keep hearing the same thing: DOA. Also, it’s quite inaccurate, apparently.

here’s a nice spec sheet as a pdf

It does keep track of date and time of measurements in either of the 2 memory settings. I bought one last time, so far seems to be well made, but beware that this thing is huge-you won’t be tossing it in your suitcase for travel. It also comes with some software to keep track of the readings. One very nice thing is that it has quite a large cuff-labeled medium to large, so if you have Olive Oyl sized arms you’ll need to find a small cuff.
It has a very large display for the sight impaired. As far as accuracy, I have tried many different styles of home BP meters, and they are never very close to a reading taken at my doctor’s office minutes apart, but neither are the readings taken by the RN and then by the doctor.

Previous woot.

Here’s when it was on Woot September 12:

and one of the review collections likely referred to above:

Yes it has a clock and logs the date and time. I got this in the woot off and it works great! Very satisfied and worth the money.

ah its not that big. if you slide the plastic stand off its maybe 3" deep and 6" wide. plus power cord and cuff.


And FYI from what I read about it I’m buying one. It stores your irregular heartbeat for your doctor…wow.

My grandmother has this exact same monitor and loves it - But I still love the old-school ones outside of the pharmacy in grocery stores.

My friend bought one from woot. it was never very accurate and then it died. i have to say it is worth the price (free) of just checking your BP at the grocery store.

Your health is priceless.

In order to get a accurate reading from it be sure to get about a 2-3cm gap with the cuff deflated like the instructions say. The readings I got from it were very similar to the grocery store ones at that range. Basically just make sure you have can get a finger between your arm and the cuff comfortably.

I bought one of these during the last WootOff and it works perfectly. I can’t find the software for it anywhere but, from what I have read, it’s nearly useless anyhow.

My only gripe is that now, several days later and after a quick sellout, it’s being offered for two dollars cheaper.

Here’s a link to the useless software (right from the sellout.woot!© product page… you have to scroll down to read the In The Box area):

Ordered one two months ago and returned it back to Woot.
IT IS FAULTY. Shows a red heart blinking and a very high blood systolic rate. The red blinking heart is an indication of irregular pulse/arrhythmias according to the manual. Went to the doctor today very worried bacause of this and he said my heart rate, pulse and blood pressure are fine and that the machine is not picking up the top or systolic rate correctly, hense the high numbers and report of arrhythmias. He checked on how I was doing everything twice and said it was a faulty machine.
The warranty and manufacturer says I have to send in $7.95 plus pay for shipping. Woot just answered my e-mail. First they said they would not take it back, but after another e-mail from me saying I had contacted the manufacturer, Woot will take it back and refund the money, but I have to pay for shipping back to them. DO NOT BUY THIS–A PIECE OF JUNK CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!!!

Jesus Christ, at first I thought this said that your friend died because his blood pressure monitor malfunctioned…