Prevention Wrist-Mounted Blood Pressure Monitor

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woot for the grandparents!

$25 is damned hard to beat!

Froogle sez their cheapest seller is $59.99 + shipping

eBay chimes in at $49.99 with free shipping

And 6 months of a magazine sub to boot!

Is this a good deal?

Not a bad one

Grams has one, fairly accurate…

I got $100 on this being a 99.9% on the selfless scale

wow…just wow…exactly what I need right before finals week!

To monitor my bloodpressure for my anticipation for tomorrows Woot!

My page was loading slow and when I saw prevention I thought woot was selling like birth control or condoms. Now that’s a woot.


On second thought, I doubt any hardcore wooters will ever need prevention techniques. First you need a partner. XD


i got one of these last year…it is very accurate and useful…uses cheap aaa batteries and comes in a hard plastic case for storage…i like it a lot…

$25 for a 6-month subscription? Oh, and that free blood pressure cuff, too.

Of course, the wrist ones are supposed to be the worst ones to get.


I bought two of these last time they were offered. Both the units are fairly accurate but you have to make sure that your hand is in the proper position. Good buys

again got a similar product from woot for my wife and she gave the others out at work … saves them valuable time to care for the others rather than manual stats…

These look even more nice :wink: … TY woot!

As far as I know, taking the BP on the wrist isn’t nearly as accurate as a upper arm reading…

People need this this woot for when crappy woots make their blood pressure rise and boil in anger…

“And we have a feeling we might be putting some of your hearts under some strain in the near future.”


Prevention Wrist-Mounted Blood Pressure Monitor
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
1 Prevention WS-820PV Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor by Mark of Fitness
1 6-Month subscription to Prevention Magazine

Good grief – this is definitely a candidate for WORST WOOT EVER! This wrist-mounted blood pressure monitor is like the 2007 Buying Guide you get with your subscription to “a leading consumer magazine,” or the free workout bag you get with your subscription to Men’s Fitness. Brutal, absolutely brutal for an actual, legitimate woot.

i wonder if me jabbing myself in the eye with a pencil after seeing this woot will lower my blood pressure any

oh wow, a product that could tell!