Prevention Wrist-Mounted Blood Pressure Monitor

Does it work on cats? Not to measure their blood pressure, mind you, but just to squeeze them uncomfortably.

Get it for the subscription - NOT for the monitor. I’ve tried several wrist monitors, none were worth the time it took to put them on… Any Wallyworld brand of arm cuff monitor will work much better than this.

if you need one of these you probably wouldnt even know how to use a computer,


Good reviews at Amazon - and $30 more!

Can you use it as a (particularly ugly) watch? Or does it turn itself off? For example, Garmin has a set of GPS watches that are, shall we say. rather large but have definite benefits. If it can stay on, how long does it STAY on? Does it lose its readings over a battery change?

Perspiring minds need to know!

Non-heart-attack atrial spasms are a real pain in the chest! Thank heavens for guanfacine.

I work as a volunteer EMT. I have used this when you can not hear a blood pressure and can not feel the pulse. They are pretty good in a pinch but I still like the old method of checking things out.


A few months back Woot offered a similar product for $25 or 35. I purchased it and took it to my doctor to see how well it was calibrated. It was so poorly calibrated he told me to set it on the ground behind my car’s rear tire and run over it, the only useful aspect was the pulse meter. He further adviced me not to waste any money of wrist-mounted bp monitors!

Great for making sure your blood pressure doesn’t get too high when the Woot Off is going on when the Bag of Crap comes up and the server(s) get hammered.

Probably cuz ppl thought there was gonna be a Bandolier of Carrots or a WootOff – Woot! posted that they only had 24 hours to write the description for today’s Woot. Really doubt there would have been one so recently after only a couple weeks since the last, but, ya never know…

Wrist BP devices are often inaccurate. Don’t buy.

WOW! …a sphygmomanometer for the wrist… hhmmmmm

o rly?

go ask a doctor what he thinks of these units.

or better, why dont you buy this one yourself and use it every day for a week or two, and chart your readings.

either way, once you learn how horribly inaccurate these things are, i’m sure you won’t be recommending them so enthusiastically.

these things are junk. they’re marketed to hypochondriacs and have no medical value whatsoever.

Of course, the hypostatic staining, current state of rigor mortis, and odor of cadaverine are often good clues. But, in deference to the gentle-stomached ones, I won’t talk about the flies.

Bound To Get Booted!

I was thinking about getting one of these for my ex…but then I realized that it would only work on him half of the time if he even had a pulse.

I’ll need one of these when my parents come to visit this Christmas.

So So sorry I got 3, and as far as I know you calibrate them yourself using your own BP… Then again I’m sure your Dr. charged for the visit and the returning bp checks…

Thanks Woot… Just in time. Today I just started getting weird feelings in my chest and this’ll be great for making sure it’s really an impending heart attack and not just gas. Thanks again!!

How do you know? i have this brand and use it on my left wrist and get readings very near the accuracy of an aneroid or mercury manometer…your wrist must be at heart level druing the measurement. inaccurate readings occur when the instructions are not followed…frys has this brand, but it’s more than twice this price…