Prevention Wrist-Mounted Blood Pressure Monitor

I’m a doctor… before you purchase one of these, know that wrist blood pressure cuffs are far less accurate than arm cuffs. Although convenient, I recommend my patients against getting these devices.

My mother subscribed to Prevention Magazine. That means that if I say yes to this woot, then I have become my mother. Therefore, I must say no to this woot.

Agree…also, the reading of 109/61 as depicted is a bit low. 120/80 is usually consdiered healthy and normal and should be used for Marketing purposes. Must be a calibration error in the instrument…

These aren’t as junky as people are indicating. The key is that you have to follow the instructions to the letter, AND you have to make sure your wrist is at the same level as your heart when taking the reading. The recommendation is usually to do this while lying down, and that generally produces consistent and accurate results…

The newer wrist models are pretty accurate and Omron regularly has theirs show up on the “approved” lists. I have no idea where this particular model falls on the accuracy scale, but it’s not correct to say that all wrist monitors are crap.

it has a feture that will indicate an irrigular heartbeat, such as atrial fibrilation…

actually, the 120/80 reading is now considered a little high. Last I heard you want it more around 110/70. Mine has sky-rocketed in the past few months and I’m pissed about that…went to go get a monitor to see if there’s a pattern and the damn things were $60 and up.

I would like to thank genetics on both sides of the gene pool for early high BP, btw. Thanks a million.

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Got one last time.
Accuracy and repeatability are very good as compared to my dial one.
Thats on my wife.

On me, it won’t even fit. I have 9 inch wrists (circumference) and the strap is too short for the velcro to hold. These must be made for little asian lolitas :slight_smile:

If you get more than one, how does that affect the magazine subscription?
one–equal 6 months
two–equal 1 year
three-equal 1 year and 6 months

or is it multiple copies of the same issue for only 6 months?
Anyone know?

If it’s like my subscriptions,you won’t get any magazines.

OK, so why don’t you just get a mercury manometer for $300, so you can be accurate? this little unit serves well to tell you if you have abnomally low or abnormally high blood presures under different settings…it will also tell you if you have an irregular or irratic heartbeat…a little icon for that pops up…that warning alone could save your life…this unit is not intended to replace a clinical instrument…it’s great for monitoring a time trend of your bp to see how effective your bp medicine is working…it doesnt have to be exact to be an effective tool…and, btw, i have used this brand for over a year and it is very accurate because i follow the printed directions that came with it…

I went to share this clever line with a friend, and it wasn’t until then that I noticed it was missing a “we”. “The way we see it.” Might want to correct that. (Not trying to nitpick – just something I happened to notice, and since it was already in the clipboard …)

Woot sure knows how to hit where the heart is, just in time for the holidays.


edit: I bought 3 ftw.

wrist monitors are more accurate according to:

    but, “The main source of error with the wrist monitors is that the monitor has to be at the level of the heart when the reading is taken (which was not a problem with this study, because the patients were all lying flat when the readings were taken).”

Consumer Reports did an article on monitors a few years ago. If I recall right, the wrist monitors were the least accurate.

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And this is why the server was so busy? Ok, I am in for 40… will probably lose them just like my reading glasses and my cane… hello? Hello?? Is anyone there? could have sworn I heard someone knocking…anyone ever hear of a website called Woot? I think it was designed by some sadists with too much free time… what was? says:
Can I use a finger/wrist blood pressure monitor?
“Tests have shown that finger/wrist devices do not measure blood pressure very accurately. They are extremely sensitive to position and body temperature”

The Journal of Hypertension concurs saying:
“In this issue of the Journal, Kikuya et al. [1] describe the results obtained by assessing the accuracy of two wrist and two arm cuff devices for self-blood pressure measurement (self-BPM). Factors affecting the accuracy of wrist devices are also addressed. Their final conclusion is that wrist devices are less reliable than arm devices and therefore their use should be discouraged, a conclusion that is of major clinical relevance given the wide adoption of wrist self-BPM devices in clinical practice.”

Finally, Clinical Medicine & Research 2005 Feb;3(1):19-26 says:
“Upper arm BP monitors are the first choice, while wrist and finger devices cannot be recommended.”

bought one of these for my parents, hoping it’ll be an eye-opener for my dad since his family has a history of heart problems.

Wootbot is sure having some trouble finding quality posts or anything really praising this product. I’m sure they’ll sell well anyway, there’s nothing people are better at than fearing death.