Prevention Wrist-Mounted Blood Pressure Monitor

Exactly! Which is why I bought one for my sweet but extremely hypochondriatic boyfriend. I think he’ll have hours of enjoyment or crazed desperation with this thing…either way he can learn some stuff from the subscription.

Perfect for my hypochondriac tendency

Avoiding death is precisely why it’s worth buying the most accurate blood pressure monitoring system that you can afford. Upper arm BPM systems are more accurate than wrist or finger monitors. Has anyone found studies/research reports that rate the accuracy of this particular device? For instance, does the FDA require studies?

life drops heat on me all day

at least I got $10 off

What confuses me about this woot is that a blood pressure monitor seems like an uncommon occurence, and that people who need one would probably already have one, and not be fringing their health waiting for a deal of the day on one, but maybe thats just me.

I also have this…its great. Woot has a good deal for you in this one.

I seem to remember they had these before and people questioned the accuracy of this item.

If you’re considering it just for the Prevention subscription you should know that Amazon sells a 12 month/issue subscription for $15.97.

My blood pressure has shot through the roof, Lucy Liu is on the Leno rerun. Mmmmmmmmm, Lucy Liu. Her favorite meal is breakfast. When I start my life with her, her and I will eat nothing but omeletes of love.

Been looking for something similar for 2 years. After reading reviews at Amazon it seems that if used properly it can be fairly accurate.
Did anyone elase see the reviews at Amazon and notice the “Mark of Fitness MF-81”
Remarkably similar.
In for two.

Yes - we do - but it’s bulky and expensive and generally much more inconvenient.
I view this as simialr to a PDA - it’s better to have the 90% solution if it’s with you than the 100% solution that’s somewhere else. I travel a lot - this can come with me.
Actually I would prefer a personal physician, female, cute, witty to be with 24/7 :slight_smile:

Well if youve had the magazine you’d know 6 months is enough cause its a addvertizement for other books and articles. and only contains snipets.

but the cuff should be good the doom sayers allways complain but if you get your pressure checked at your doctor and at home it will almost allways be lower at home but if you do it the same and have it checked at the doctor this will tell you if it is rising whitch is the important thing to see the pattern I use one of the wrist cuffs and have for along time and it is lower than when I go to give blood but is close enough that they say just the difference between being relaxed and out moving around. I think it’s just a cop out when they complain because they don’t want to know.

I started eating more fiber less sugar and carbs lost weight blood pressure and colesterall and feel better to boot. but i guess yhat is why this is such a bad woot because the “noisy ones” dont care about their health as they swill beer waiting for the next woot

I agree with you 100%. Not every Woot is going to be to everyone’s liking. But all the negative, negative, feedback/comments is just ridiculous day in and day out. Calm down folks. It’s only a woot. You’ll be fine, I assure you.

Nice woot, woot.

“And we have a feeling we might be putting some of your hearts under some strain in the near future.”

Does this mean theres a WOOT-OFF on the way?!?!?!?!?


Wooted two of these under the Mark of Fitness label. Appears to be very close to this model.
Not very accurate.
Can be hard to position properly on wrist.
Doctor had a hard time calibrating them to a manual cuff.
OK for general higher or lower readings versus itself.
If you have a real need to monitor your numbers look elsewhere.

Or the people marketing it are REALLY mellow…

Woot, finally bought something, although was close to buying barbie’s vacuum, decided against it.

Nice woot - bought this before somewhere else for $16 but it was limit of 1, this will make a nice gift.

dosen’t that read 16 month subscription not 6 months?

Nihon Seimitsu Sokki C., Ltd (NISSEI), is a leading blood pressure monitor producer in Japan. Its products are marked under the brand of MARK OF FITNESS in US.

I think you are still eating too much sugar.