Would love to know how Woot establishes their prices. Since they are a division of Amazon.

I Purchased a HP Deskjet 2600 All in one printer from “Woot One Day SALE” for $39.99 plus shipping. After I ordered it I was looking at tracking my package and stumbled across the SAME printer at Amazon for $24 Free Shipping. Never Again!!

Mostly darts and a dart board.

We do our best to search for price comps on the marketplace, including Amazon. Thing is that Amazon and 3P sellers on Amazon are constantly changing their prices. So it’s possible we were the lowest price that day and someone lowered their price after.

Not unlike me waiting in line for 6 hours on Black Friday morning to buy a GPS for my son (years ago) only to find it cheaper at Walmart the next week.

Prices change. Things happen.

I figured it was a lot more like this video game