Prime Day 2022 AND Woot's 18th Birthday!

You remembered well.

In 2012, two years into his three-year deal with Amazon, Rutledge walked. He won’t say how many millions his early departure cost him, but his contract with Amazon included a three-year non-compete clause from the date of sale, and he was watching the clock.

Mediocre started before meh, hence articles in 2013:


WTH??? Why doesn’t everyone take the 2 seconds it takes out of their more important than anyone else’s life to click on the Deal-O-Meter. Whether you want it or not some people might. Have 2 seconds worth of consideration for your fellow Wooters or go to the mothership & pay full price. For Shame… For Shame



Got a sparkley crap-bag too today. Has unicorn pillow case too!


Shit. Crap. Just when you think you’re out, they drag you back in.

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They lose money on them. Soo…uh…


:dollar: Woot!’s Big Giveaway! Enter by July 18, 2022 @ 4pm CT

Has almost 11000 posts!

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Now I will NEVER WIN. (Sobs uncontrollably)

Can anyone tell me the most posts for giveaway? Ik the switch/Xbox got big numbers.

@TheSquishyShelli thanks ftfy


The PS5 giveaway in January had 17K entries.

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almost as many as madonna


You’re missing a zero!

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You mean you were one who paid $100?

Oh, just $70. And I suppose if you buy a bunch from there, then all those $5 off coupons make it worth it.

I arrived at the $30 point and wouldn’t buy. Since I don’t seem to ever find anything I want to buy, getting coupons wasn’t worth it for me.

And full disclosure, I know very little about the histories and details of either site. As far as I know, guy sold out to ammy, felt regret 'cause now his site isn’t his, didn’t like the changes, and recreated his old site again.

Not true! woot! is hands down the bestest between them–woot! has TT!!! !!! And company!!! And a penguin lurking about. And several cats and 'Kats.

You forgot squeezie monkeys! and flying screaming monkeys!!

And warn the noobs about some of the regulars.



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I used to be placid over there, if you know what I mean.


Winnie The Pooh GIF by Disney

Spacepenguin! Scapepenguin!

I try to not think about it.


sometimes you gotta scratch that butt even when people are watching

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Start with the basics.



Not getting the hang of this very well. Love all the cats memes, gifs and pics and all