Prime Day Deals

Any deals that rival the old woot?:smile:

You mean like Dysons? Here’s some!

I’ve been poking around and if you like snacky type stuff Woot has these Mini Takis Fuego things for 13 bucks
while they seem to run 66 bucks on AMZN

But I’m doing low carb so I shouldn’t be eating that shit.

Nothing much is grabbing me here.

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Nothing that’s caught my attention yet. I had over a dozen packages from Amazon or Woot last week, and the BOC was the most I spent.

Granted, I haven’t taken advantage of the BOGO at catshirtswoot yet either.

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Cat treats are 50% off.


Do they use imported or domestic cats? It’s important to always buy American.


If you have an amex and its work on some offers theres really good deals on fire sticks, got a 4k and regular one for 18 bucks


ooh, thanks! bought some

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best i found is fun dip 48 pack for $5


Ahhh the cocaine of our youth. Memories.

I’m still working on all those chocolate balls from spring.


i kid you not if they last a week in this house ill count it as a win

Ours always went fast in the summer. They’re one of those candies you can stick in your pocket and eat when you meet up with your friends while riding bikes thru mud puddles.

Do kids still go outside these days?

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With the amount of fire sticks and echo dots i have coming i sure hope not

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I went outside after I came home from work. I didn’t like it.

I’m using my fire stick now. The new ones are the best thing ever. They have volume control so you don’t need two remotes. Well, assuming your tv is compatible. Mine are RCA and they work beautifully.


$4, 12 packs of beer closeout on amazon but only in Texas and I think Seattle . I tried to send the woot offices a case but it wouldn’t take the corporate address

The Amazon Prime Day coupons apply based on the original price, not the lightning/daily deals so coupons are kind of double dipping right now. A bunch of items are 80-90% off.

Reported to the authorities!

There was an issue where every item with the prime day tag was $94.50. But they obviously cancelled 99.9999% discounts orders.