Prime day?

Is Woot going to do anything for prime day?!

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Nah. Wait, what’s Prime Day?

j/k Yeah, we might do something. :w_happy2:


@Froodyfrog Did you see that? Maybe there will be more of @davejlives putty.

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I’m not done going through my stuff.

I still have to figure out what to do with the free Funko Pops which I got from Woot.


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You could put a “free kitten” box in your front yard and put them inside. Then sit back and watch.


Give them out on Halloween - safer for the kiddos then anything edible!!

Maybe they’ll make more typos in the “Today’s Chat,” and we can get some free crap… :slight_smile: (weating?)

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Why would they? Woot is an independent subsidiary.

I could use some free bags of crap. For sure.

Here you go:

Prime Day 2020 at Woot!


He would see me run. Not a lot of people see that. Lol

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I got rid of the metallic Toucan Sam already.

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I’ll buy em from ya penquinfroggy or trade ya. I love cute and Disney and marvel and star Wars and dc but I have tons of villains and overlook and weird ones from mature games.

The one with the dented box?

You just described many of the cheap Woot purchases which I’ve made.


I’ll send pictures later.

AW come on. That’s why we buy things here.
Sadly my $1 oveglove (is that what it was called) came perfectly packaged with a shipping label slapped onto the product box and a tiny piece of tape keeping the bottom sealed.

I think all my purchases need sent this way (not you shirt.woot). It takes the mystery out of the nonsense I buy so it doesn’t get messed with.


I’m not denying that.

I consider them to be priced like main Amazon items, but in the condition of Warehouse items.

Woot is still okay though.


I think I’ve made 2 warehouse purchases. They are pretty close to being exactly like my Woot purchases. Scruffy, scratched, dented, possibly bloody, but with one difference. That tiny useless square of paper authenticating it as a genuine Woot purchases.

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