Prime Exclusive: 10% off on the Woot! app on 10/15/20


On October 15, 2020, Prime members get an additional 10% OFF any order placed on the Woot! app! Don’t have the Woot! app? Just go here:



Restrictions and fine print:

  • Offer valid for Prime members with a mailing address in the contiguous United States.
  • Does not apply to international orders.
  • You must use “Login with Amazon” and log in with a valid Amazon Prime account.
  • Log out of Woot! and re-login with Amazon for best results.
  • Discount applied at checkout.
  • Maximum discount of $20 per order.
  • Offer valid from October 15, 2020 at 12:00am CT until October 15, 2020 at 11:59pm CT.

Listen y’all. I want more than 10%. I don’t care if @davejlives paycheck is reduced to zero or not, I want 50%


Bought the Starbucks k-kup deal. It’s the same price on app as it is on browser.

False advertisement much?

It didn’t show the discount to you on the checkout page?

I’m having the same issue. I placed an order this morning through the app on my iPad Pro, and no 10% discount was applied to it. And Woot customer support, who I’m conversing with now, is feigning ignorance. C’mon, folks…

Just because it didn’t work doesn’t mean it’s false advertising. :roll_eyes:

Make sure you log out of Woot and log in using the Login with Amazon button.

I just tried it and it worked for me.

@bdipert Are you sure you used the app and not the mobile website? I see that it deducted shipping which means you were logged in successfully with prime.



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I used the iOS app. Trust me, I used the app (and was logged in using my Amazon account, to boot…look at my account history and you’ll see that I’m a frequent and longstanding customer). If it was a site glitch, that’s understandable; I’m just asking you to make the situation “right”. Looking forward to the refund; thanks in advance!

Dang, people get salty about all these extra promotions to which they are clearly entitled. One MIGHT think that if a discount didn’t show up the confirm order page, one might not confirm the order.

I’ve never had a problem getting discounts to work. 60% of the time, it’s user error every time.


Just got the refund notification email. Thanks gang!

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YAY! Love our CS.

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I just bought 6 t-shirts with the buy one get one free discount, a 50 ft Amazon Basics extension cord, a 75 ft Amazon Basics extension cord and some strange lingerie (bug netting pants and face protection). T-shirt offer worked fine. The 10% did not show up.

The shirt BOGO was only for 10/13. The 10% was only for 10/15 (and I’m guessing you placed your order after midnight Central Time).

You probably only got the current promo of 40% off 2 or more shirts (which is good until Wed 10/21).

That’s because it’s very much past 11:59 PM Central


  • Offer valid from October 13, 2020 at 12:00am CT until October 14, 2020 at 11:59pm CT.
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Thank you for correcting the two incorrect replies even if the offer had still expired. They also both assumed my order was after 11:59 PM CST just because my comment was posted after that time.

Thanks, I am still learning how to tell time. It’s also possible I placed the order, checked the order details and then posted my comment after 11:59 PM CST.

If my order was deemed to be placed after 11:59 PM CST, I would not have been able to buy the strange lingerie (bug netting hat and pants). Despite the wrong assumption, your reply was very helpful because the discount I received does match exactly 40% off the shirts and an additional 10% off the sum of the original entire order. Where did you find the details of the 40% off shirts? The Buy More Save More crawler on the app took me to a shirts page with no details.

When I first added the shirts to my cart, it was shortly after the BOGO offer had expired, but before Woot! had updated the top crawlers.

It would be nice if Woot! did list the discounts applied separately; although, I should be careful what I ask for, because then they might apply the 10% discount only to the discounted price of the shirts.

It’s over on the Prime Day info page.