Prime Exclusive! Buy One, Get One FREE: November 29 - November 30, 2021

I’m having the same issue, so it’s not just you.

You’ll see the savings deducted on the last (third) checkout screen. The shirts themselves will not change price.

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I’ve clicked “Place your order” 3 times, but it keeps refreshing the screen instead of moving forward in the purchase. Is there a known problem with Safari?

We had the issue last month but we fixed it.

Could you try using an incognito window?

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OK, It seems to be a problem with Safari. I am able to bring up the cart in Chrome and it is reflecting the discount now. Really looks like a browser compatibility issue. Thanks.

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Could you give me:

device & version
OS & version
Safari version

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Clicking on “Use this address” forced a resync, and the discount appeared. :+1:

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Yep, our page doesn’t finish loading until Amazon’s widget releases its crap.


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Are there any long-sleeves/sweatshirts/hoodies currently available for purchase? I can’t see how to search for them.

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Yes, a lot but yeah, you can’t search for them. Sorry, our site kinda sucks that way.

All the events on the main page:

Will have them available if the shirt is printed on a color where those options are available.

This event has tons:

Colors available for longsleeve, crewneck:


Colors for Zip Hoodies:


Get a VPN, log into Amazon US, order shirts with the deal. the downside, might need to create/buy a US Amazon Prime membership. i’m not sure.

The deal doesn’t show up in my cart. I am signed in on my Amazon account. What gives?

Is there a button asking you to verify your address or payment? Tap taht.

@ThunderThighs I bought a t-shirt earlier today, can I still get this benefit by ordering a second or do I need to place an order with 2 t-shirts at the same time?

Hi there. It has to be in the same order. Sorry.

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It worked! Thanks!


Are there other Prime members who tried adding 2 or more shirts to their cart and got ZERO discount like me??

Is there a button asking you to verify your address or payment?

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)