Prime Exclusive! Top Sellers for $10


October 23, 2020:

1. Log in with your Amazon Prime account using the “Log in with Amazon” button.

2. Find your favorite new shirt from one or more of our most popular designs FIND THEM HERE

3. Add your new wardrobe, gifts for friends and loved ones, and stocking stuffers to your cart and WHAM!, we’ll drop the price to $10 bones!

4. Get shopping! Grab one of our most poplar designs.

5. If none of those get your motor going, or you’re not interested in the discount, you can check out any of our other designs here

Restrictions and fine print:

  • You can order as many times as you want. If you wanna buy 300 shirts we’re not stopping you!
  • Offer valid for Prime members with a mailing address in the contiguous United States.
  • Free shipping does not apply to international orders.
  • You must use “Login with Amazon” and log in with a valid Amazon Prime account.
  • Log out of Woot and re-login with Amazon for best results.
  • Discount applied at checkout.
  • Valid only on Shirt.Woot apparel offers. Blankets and other non-apparel offers are not eligible.
  • Minimum cart balance (before the discount) of $15 Required.
  • Offer valid from October 23, 2020 at 12:00am CT until October 23, 2020 at 11:59pm CT.
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In point 5, the first “here” link takes you to this page when using the app…


You’re lowering the price of one shirt to $10, but the minimum to qualify for the sale is $15?

Yup. Meets expectations.

Also clear as mud.

Top 20. Ok. That’s 20 t-shirts to decide which two are the least… yeah.

But then the best selling links show way more than 20 shirts to choose from.

Just… do better people of woot. Please?

SmartSelect_20201023-054551_Samsung Internet

Besides I really don’t need all 20 t-shirts for only $10. That’s 50 cents a shirt. Then I’d have to order two batches and end up with 40 t-shirts to meet the minimum purchase price.

Maybe fix the banner?


Seriously. Wasted time trying to figure out why the correct price wasn’t coming up, finally looked in the forums (the only place I could find the details). Only wanted one shirt, so not buying. Time wasted. Thanks, Woot!


I thought they’d lose sales because of that.

I agree. They should have just said 2 shirts for $20 and be done with it.

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I’m trying to buy two and it’s not giving me the discount. I’ve logged out, back in. I guess they will sit in the cart for now. One is showing as $19, the other $13. I proceed as far as I can without purchasing, but no discount shows applied.


Tried ordering 2 shirts and logged into Amazon but still charged me the $19 each PLUS shipping


Ok. Here’s how this works.
You must add two top twenty shirts to your cart. NOTHING ELSE.
Two top twenties will give you a discount. However, two top twenties and two other shirts will give you 0 discount even when the two top twenties still quality.

Two Top Twenty shirts = discount

two top Twenty shirts + two random shirts = no discount


I just added a single shirt to my cart where it showed $19. When I hit the checkout button, it changed to $10.

Why are people freaking out?


5hrs ago are when their posts are from. They probably fixed the sale

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Looks like Woot is fixing their sale. It didn’t work this morning.

Still says there’s a $15 minimum.

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Last night I tried it with one (top 20) $19 shirt and one (not top 20) $15 shirt. I only got $9 off. The original post gave me hope that more than just the top 20 would be on sale.

$19 top 20 shirt meets the $15 requirement. I just bought 1.

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It should be fixed now. I just bought a single ‘top 20’ shirt for $10 +tax.

Update: Both of these shirts also got the discount (listed on top 20 page) so it appears as though all shirts that made it to the top 20 page are eligible for the discount.


And this bystander/too new for reckoning

Alright, all. Sorry for the confusion. We clarified in the fine print that it’s a $15 minimum CART BALANCE (pre discount), in order for the offer to work properly. This means you can definitely buy ONE shirt and still get the discount.

And we took out the link that was pointing to the wrong page in the app. Thanks, all! Let us know if you have any other questions!

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Thanks, @bchlor4evr. We took that link out. It works properly on desktop, but gets a little wonky in the app. Thanks for pointing it out!

Haha, @pepper114! Yeah, should be “Top 20 tees for $10 each.” And I clarified on the confusing “$15 purchase minimum”… should be $15 minimum initial cart balance (before discount). So any of the shirts in the Top 20 would qualify, be it a single shirt, or a SHIRT TON of shirts. I think the other issues you mentioned should be fixed.

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Howdy! One shirt should TOTALLY work, as long as it comes from our Top 20 event. Those are the only tees that the discount applies to. Let me know if it still isn’t working for you!

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Make sure you’re logged in with your Prime Account, and that the Tees you put in your cart come from our Top 20 event. Only tees from the Top 20 event qualify for the deal. Let me know if you’re still having issues!

Can we blame the legalese? The deal DEFINITELY applies to one shirt. Sorry if it wasn’t clear!